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  1. The Methow Valley Fly fishers installed an aerator in Big Twin Lake several years ago, and by keeping part of Big Twin ice free all winter and the dissolved O2 levels up, it has prevented winter kill and given us more carryover fish. The club is going to do the same for Little Twin and is looking for donations to help the project. The Fourth Corner Fly Fishers is making a contribution as am I (since I live there part time!) Please consider helping them out! Here is a copy of an email I got.

    To: Fly Fishing Clubs and Interested Parties

    Methow Valley Fly Fishers plan to install an aerator in Little Twin Lake near Winthrop, WA, early spring 2013. MVFF has negotiated with an adjacent land owner for lake access and to purchase a share of his transformer. This project will very similar to the successful aerator installation at Big Twin Lake in 2007.

    The lake level has dropped considerably due to drought conditions and the lake has been unable to sustain a productive trout fishery due to winter kills. An aerator would provide ice free conditions over winter and dramatically improve fishing productivity. We would like to install the system this summer.

    The projected cost of the project is $18,000. In the past, many of you generously donated in 2007 to our successful Big Twin Lake aerator installation. We would appreciate your financial support of this project and ask for your pledge at this time.

    Thank you very much.
    Mary B. Johnson President MVFFC
    Duncan Bronson Project Manager
    509 996 3218

    M/A -MVFF, P O Box 101,Winthrop, WA 98862

    Please pass this email onto others who might contribute to this project.
  2. Rick:

    That is good news. That was one of the reasons I joined the club and gave them a donation specifically for the aerator. MVFF does a lot of good things for the fishery in the area.

  3. I know the eagle population would enjoy it too! Have been watching them pull fish and ducks out of the only ice free lake up here! Thanks for the info Rick, sounds like a good idea.

  4. Connor, I was at Big Twin this winter and saw a blue heron patiently waiting at the edge of the ice! Never saw him be successful but probably a productive area. It definitely increases the predator take, but I don't think that impacts the overall winter survival too much! Rick
  5. Totally agree. I'm sure the benefits of the Aerator drastically out weigh the increased predator impact. Plus, it provides me some entertainment while eating breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  6. Moccasin Lake has one too, and the eagles take a few, but don't have as big an impact as the potential winter kill would.

    I agree the aerator on Little Twin is a good idea.
  7. A lot of lakes in BC use them to very good advantage. So those of you who fish the Winthrop area-how about $50 or $100 bucks to help out the Methow Valley Fly Fishers? Thanks, Rick
  8. I've been going to Winthrop for the past 15 years, have yet to see a fisherman on little Twin

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