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  1. Cooked (roasted) some Africa bread today (called roosterbrood), I came to love this stuff buttered and stuffed with biltong (dried game meat), now I have to learn how to make biltong. This bread is a cross between old fashioned homemade bread and biscuits. Good stuff. I've got to get the coals more even next time to prevent the added "browning" of some of the loaves. IMG_3809.JPG
  2. How
    Looks great. How about a recipe?
  3. This looks great, Karl; I've gotta try it! It's also warming up enough that I may try to smoke some elk strips in the Little Chief. I'm guessing for biltong, I'd wrap smoked strips in a damp paper towel for awhile, then put them inside the dough?
  4. Alex, the way we had biltong sandwiches was to chip the biltong and put in the cooked roosterbrood loaves. A little butter liberally applied is always an improvement.

    When cooking the roosterbrood let the coals cool down just a bit, I've been cooking mine just a bit hot and some of the loaves get scorched. It is fun to make, though, and darn if it isn't pretty darn good eating.

    As for biltong, I've been told that very lean beef is one option for making it if no game meat is available. I'm researching that now.

    Here's a link with a recipe that should work nicely:

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