After Dry Falls

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Mark Yoshida, Apr 27, 2012.

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    Just got back from a week in Chelan

    Fished Mon and Tue at DF. I learned a lot about these very large and intelligent fish. Monday I only got 1 of 18 in the net. Other that fished did very well. Being one to never quit or maybe some say stubborn, I went back on Tue after thinking about it over night. I came back with the proper equipment... Bigger guns... I came to a gun fight with a slingshot on Monday. On Tuesday I was rewarded with 18-20 in the net and missing a few more. I am sure there will be others to give detailed reports about DF for this week.

    Well I still had one more day to fish before the weather changed. I went to a Okanogan lake that was recommended by the Outdoorsman shop that was C&R when my wife was dragging me around shopping last Sat. While drying off from the waiter spilling a glass of water in my lap at the Duck I told my wife where I was fishing on Wed. She laughed as she asked why would I drive all the way out there again to just to fish. Sometimes you have to take the word of another person especially if it's unsolicited.

    On Wed I stopped in at Carlton general store and asked for additional information on which road to turn off. That was also a good thing to ask directions. Another nice guy in that shop. Didn't catch his name.

    Well I had the most fun fishing chironomids vertically in 42' of water for half of the day, then getting blown back to the launch I fished with an indicator for the last half of the afternoon. I must have released over 50-60 strong fish. The holdovers were 16-17" at the south end of the lake. The north end they ranged between 14" with the new planters 11-12". The new planters were learning quick as they took the Chromie and brown chironomids.
    I will attempt to add some pics from the lake.

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    Great report. Love to fish Dry Falls. Got some great memories about that lake. That middle pictures looks more like a football than a trout.
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    Nice looking fish Mark.
  4. Scott Salzer

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    Glad it all worked out for you. There be some nice spots up in the Okanogan. So, that dry side fishing ain't to bad, eh?

    I hat that lake early last year and the fish were all smaller cokie cutters. Nice to hear the bulked up a bit.

  5. Mark, it was good to see you and you have a nice pram, after a few more tweeks and mods, you'll be rocking with an even betterstillwater platform. We also had a blast fishing Dry Falls on Monday and Tuesday with Monday being close to 90 degrees and the fishing was just as hot. Here are some highlight photos with the rest of the report on my blog.

    Driving back to rainy and cold Seattle reminded us how blessed we were to have the warm, sunny, and dry eastside to escape to for some relaxation and some very good chironomid fishing.
    IMG_4611.JPG IMG_4617.JPG IMG_4618.JPG IMG_4636.JPG IMG_4641.JPG IMG_4643.JPG
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    I'm jealous!