Afternoon at Tango Lake

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  1. Spent the afternoon at Tango Lake with my pal Rob. Rob is one of the more deranged fly fishermen out there because he continues to ask me to join him for fishing outings. Eventually, he'll recover from this illness and I'll be out another fishing friend.

    We got our float tubes on the water at about 2:30 and fished until about 5:30 or 6pm. The conditions were great. Calm, partly sunny, balmy for a fall day. Overall I sensed a real need to fish in Rob, might have been something he said about if he did not fish soon something must die. Well, fish we did.

    Second cast, while kicking parallel out to the shoal (Rob was on the outside land and had me pinned toward the bank. I was thinking this was uncool until...) second cast with the intermediate on the 4wt and WHAM. A few minutes later, yes, it took a few minutes on a click reel and 4wt, I brought a nice stocker triploid to the net, measured to 21".

    Rob talked some smack about it taking a long time, then he learned it was 21" and he backed off. I then reminded him he had not yet landed a fish. About that time I netted another, this one fat and 17.

    Rob finally got into the game at about 14", then 13". All kidding aside, we both caught 8-10 fish [or twelve if you are counting] and had a good time. I lost two very nice fish, bigger in appearance and pull to the 21" fish. I had a pretty good day with another at 19", another thinner 17" and later a handful in the 12-14" range.

    Took a shot of this fatso, it was a very good representative of the condition of the fish today. This one was one of the 17" fish.

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  2. Great report there Ed! It's been a while since I've been out on a lake...maybe I should find one that has some stupid fish in it and I might actually catch something!!

    Good to hear you got out and had a lovely afternoon!


  3. As Ed states, it was a great afternoon. perfect weather, plenty of fish, good company. What he fails to mention is that my largest fish was about the size of his smallest. He was slaying the big guys.
  4. The biggest two came unbuttoned.

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