Agate Pass

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by MasterAnglerTaylor, Nov 9, 2007.

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    I was wondering if and where there was any good beach access for wading around the agate pass bridge? That isnt private of course. Im wondering because i was out the other day and some guy said he had been catching his limit of chum everyday hes been out there....i forgot to ask him where on beach he was.
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    I would bet that the fish he is catching are around the casino. There are a few fish that still spawn down there in that ditch. I have never seen them in any other part of the pass.
    Dont know what it is like these days, but the "goat trail" down to the bottom can be slick. watch your step.
    if you are really just looking for chums, go to chico or tracyton or that area... lots and lots of fish there right now and plenty of opportunity. I'd be very suprised if there were many chums in agate pass.
    I also realize you are new, but get your ass out and find spots. You shouldnt have to know exactly where on a beach someone was, or exactly what they were using. Chums are in the estuaries right now and any place there is a stream coming into the salt, is a decent bet to find them. Put in some work
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    There is a tribal chum hatchery at the north end of Agate Pass, at least there was a few years ago. Chum salmon headed for the hatchery often hang around in Agate Pass before entering the traps. Local anglers used to take the steep trail under the bridge down to the beach. Check this information out as I haven't fished Agate Pass for a few years. I do recall Bill Hamilton, who fished it a lot, saying that it is best on the low turn, or dropping tide. Again, check it out.
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    There used to be tribal Coho and Chums at Agate, the tribal net pen for coho was just South of the casino. Those fish haven't returned in I believe 3 years, same goes for the chum.
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    I would hardly classify Miller Bay as the "north end of agate pass" but there is a small hatchery that does some chum stuff up there.
    The fish that were returning under the bridge were headed for the net pens on the south side out infront of the cultural center. That program has been shut down for some years now, not that bugthrower is wrong, but i feel like its been more like 6 or 7 years. The small group of chum that goes into the ditch south of the casino are remnants of that or strays from another area. Back when the coho were returning there were always some big chums as well, but the coho fishing is extinct down there now so i havent been back to look for chums.