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    This is a goto Steelhead nymph that represents a heavy stonefly. It will get down quick.


    Hook: TMC 5263 #6
    Thread: Hot Orange
    Legs: Centipede Legs, Speckled Tan, Medium
    Body: Body Braid (sub para post) and Hot Orange Ultra Wire size BR
    Thorax: Pearl Core Braid Brown and Peacock Dubbing
    Gills: Hen Feather
    Head: Hot Orange Bead 3/16"

    Start by putting the bead on the hook and wrapping about 30 turns of lead.

    Tie in a pair of legs.

    Tie in your body material and wire.

    Wrap the body. Try to get a carrot shape.

    Reverse wrap the wire and tie off.

    Tie in the braid and hen feather. Be sure to have the feather concave side up and tie it in the center of the hook.

    Form a dubbing loop and lay a base of peacock dubbing.

    Move your thread back to the middle of the thorax and tie in your legs.

    Add a bit more dubbing to hide your thread wraps.

    Fold the hen feather forward and tie off.

    Bring the Braid over top the feather. Tie off and clean up. Hide thread wraps with more dubbing.

    Trim the legs to size.

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    Oh yes very nice. This would definitely do the trick. Thanks. Now I can tie a couple and build a baseline to build upon. You rock!