Aggressive Bass storie(s)

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Chromer, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. Chromer Defeat terrorism

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    Went up to Hancock land on Saturday afternoon. Now I dont want to sound like that one guy, but I did unhook somewhere around 60 small bass. Strangely, many of their buddies would swim them right to the float tube. Then in this one area, larger bass would nip at the hooked fish. Suddenly around 7pm I hooked a small one, then a big shadow appeared and this monster bass took my fish and popper into it's mouth, proceeded to smim for cover and promptly broke my 3x. :eek:

    So, I return today with two family members. Much the same things was happening. My nephew starts hollering from across the lake. Says he has a large one on.. So I kick across to hopefully get a pic. I end up netting the bass. It was around 4 pounds I guess. All I could see in it was a popper. After a minute - I realized this was my popper from yesterday. I got that out, and the fish regurgitated my nephews small bass, and leech pattern. Now, I've been bass fishing since I was 5, and never seen anything like this. :thumb:
  2. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    I don't fish bass, but have caught a few accidentally. Nothing like what you had though. LOL. But I was fishing duck lake out by ocean shores YEARS ago. When it had a decent trout population. Not sure about nowadays (Jaws????). Well, hooked a very small trout. Was bringing it in to release it (jumped twice, was a spunky little guy for only being a couple inches long). Next thing I know, my line gos taut and starts zinging. A bass had come up and ate my trout. Was fighting the bass while the hook was barried in the trout in it's stomach. Got it to shore and released it. Not sure on the weight, but would say it was about 1-2#'s guestimated. Not really sure though, I was pretty young.
  3. Mike Etgen Not Quite A Luddite, But Can See One From Here

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    Can't Top That...

    I've done a fair amount of smallmouth fishing, especially back east, and I've often seen one or even two fish chasing one that's been hooked and fighting his way to release, but never had one strike a hooked fish. I've also seen bass I've hooked cough up crayfish that were a third the length of the fish, and landed several who had crayfish down their throats with claws or tails still visible.
    Late summer or early fall, as the water temps start to drop, they can get REALLY aggressive - tying on the feedbag before cold water settles 'em down for the winter. It was always my favorite time to fish, especially since most of the other good 'ol boys had taken up fall hunting.
    I for one don't doubt any part of your story.

  4. Chromer Defeat terrorism

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    I've seen large Lings attach to a rock fish in the salt, but never a largemouth attaching another smaller largemouth. Them bass up there arent fished much, and show no fear of angler. :ray1:
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    I was fishing a local lake a month ago and had a bass take my popper, maybe 12" long, and started puilling him thru the weeds, then I had a 20" bass on, then a 12": bass, then a 20" bass etc, this big un was doing his best to eat that 12": bass, what fun, never did catch the big one, they always get away, don't they??
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    When my brother and I were fishing for trout on Loon Lake he hooked a 12 inch trout, as he was reeling it in a bass about 8-10 lbs sucked it down fast than I thought possible and it soon snaped the line :mad: .
  7. Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

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    Duck Lake


    I don't fish Duck Lake, only because it is surrounded by development and prefer to go to lakes without houses along the shores. Saw a photo of a large holdover rainbow recently taken there...probably 4 or 5 lbs...can't remember which publication I saw the photo in. Gets stocked and is a year-round lake, so I may give it a try sometime for bass or crappie as well.

    There's just so very many places I have yet to explore!

  8. Roper Idiot Savant

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    Bass aren't the only ones that do this. I've had a brown do the same thing to a rainbow at Pass Lake, problem was the brown opened his mouth on the retrieve and out shot the rainbow.
  9. chadk Be the guide...

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    bass attack

    I've had bows and dollies\bulls attack - but never eat the fish I was playing.

    My bass story isn't so cool, but what the heck... as a kid I was fishing a small SW WA lake for the trout opener. I got there while it was still dark and the lake had a thick fog over it. Eventually I decided I had enough light to see, and cast out. I quickly hooked a 10-12 inch bow and brought it in. As it neared the bank, I notice a huge shadow lunging after it. I pulled my fish up on the grassy bank, and this big bass nearly beached itself in 1-2 inches of water trying desperately to eat 'my' fish. Made me think twice of swimming in that lake. :)
  10. Stephen Rice Senior Member

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    I had a steelhead do that to me one time. I was bringing a little rainbow bout 6" and this steelhead comes out of nowhere and swallows this poor little rainbow. :eek: First thing I thought was hey I just caught a Steelhead! NOT... I still had the fly in the little rainbow. after a minute of fighting this steelhead spits out the rainbow and I pull it in thinking it would just be mince meat but it was in good shape although I can imagine what this poor fish is thinking! LOL I can see it now you have a hook stuck in your mouth and this monsters got your legs and is trying to rip you in half. I unhooked him and he swam away just as pretty as you please !
  11. gigharborflyfisher Native Trout Hunter

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    I have had quite a few ocassion where a big bass would chase smaller ones that I had on, but I haven't had them eat the little guys. I have had about a 3lb bass follow one that I had on that was about 2lbs for some reason. Also one of my friends caught a little bass on a rapala that was over half of the bass's size. Those fish a definetly very aggressive.