Ahh Gawd! I Can't Take It Anymore!

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by _WW_, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. All this talk of fishing at Pass and Lone has given me the itch.
    I tried some cream on it but only fishing this weekend is gonna scratch it.
    I'll be the bearded mean looking SOB in a blue toon with 4 or 5 rods poking out of it at Pass.
    I'll save ya'll some fish...:D
  2. Get your ass to work. And by the way you can only fish 1 rod in this state.

    On a totally different topic. What is that line you have on your 8124?
  3. WW,

    Think I might of run into ya' last year on a local stillwater. Wondered why a guy needed so many rods out on the water. Thought maybe you were charter fishing and there were rule changes I hadn't heard bout yet.

    No big deal for me though. I can make such a mess with just one outfit, if I had several aboard I need an electric knife to find my way out of a bad cast!
  4. Heh heh...when I make a mess outta one outfit I just pick up another one. Four or five will usually get me through the day. Of course in Canada you can fish two at once...so I need to take twice as many. :)
  5. There are times when it helps to have a back-up rod rigged with a niche fly. The regs do say you can't fish two or more rods in the water at the same time; however, there's nothing wrong with working only one rod at a time.

    --Dave E.
  6. Yea...I've taken that to a whole 'nuther level. :D
    For some real excitement go to Canada where you can fish two rods if you're alone in your boat. Get youself in the middle of a sedge hatch with 3lb+ rainbows crashing anything on top in the fading light. That's when you need several backups rigged and ready. Plus you get to untangle everything over coffee and breakfast the next morning.

    This spring I've got a couple new rods to try out. One of them is a thirty-year-old Fenwick 4wt BoronX blank that a client gave me to build on. She's wrapped and ready. And when Chironomide season takes off I've got that 3wt two-hander for rolling out those looong leaders.
  7. 3 weight, 2 hander - that's just wrong.
  8. I was fishing two rods in my earlier years in BC. One rod had a big fat marabou leech and the other rod had a size 16 pheasant tail.

    Both rods went down. I could grab only one. So I took the leech and set the hook into a 12 inch fish. Just then the fish with the pheasant tail came up and spit out the fly. It was about 8 pounds.

    That was the end of my two rod fishing days!!
  9. Well...I managed to whisper up four fish at Pass today. Damn! It's cold!
    I may have to go steelhead fishing to warm up.
    Yea...but it feels so good.
    You watch...pretty soon everyone will have one and I'll have to go to a 0wt. :D
  10. i have about 3 rods rigged when im bass fishing and if i miss a strike i through a different lure while there still pissy to get them to bite and not have it be the same thing
  11. WW, I think I ran in to you on Saturday, just after you caught your fourth fish. I was the guy in the red pontoon that had no clue what he was doing. I was out with my dad and neither of us had any luck that day. It was our first trip to Pass, it's a pretty nice lake I wish it wasn't right by the road! I'm sure I'll be back though.
  12. WW, you sound like Kokita. Lighter the better! At least the more fun on stillwater!
  13. Yea casey, that was me. Fishing was pretty tough Saturday. The lake has yet to liven up and I will probably wait a couple weeks before I try again. The road is there and you just have to do your best to ignore. I usually spend some time at the north end just to get away from the noise for awhile.

    3&4wt rods seem to match up well with trout for me.
  14. the rip rap along the road is shallow and the rocks hold heat. definitely not an area to be ignored for early season browns.

    the noise may be irritating but ive caught some nice fish saddled up to the road.
  15. Is Pass the place that some guy recently reported getting spooled by an 18 wheeler on the backcast? That is some funny stuff, but if you have to do that for some large browns it likely is worth getting the casting timing down between vehicles.

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