Ahh, yes-another crappie day!

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by IveofIone, Oct 2, 2010.

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    I took a break from trout fishing on Thursday and visited my little local lake that is filled with crappie. An interesting story developed. Let me rewind about 10 years when I first moved up here and was renting a little chalet down on the river. It had a tiny pier that just one person could walk on. From that pier over the 5 months I was waiting for my house to be finished I caught rainbow, brown and westslope cutthroat trout, bass, crappie, blue gill, perch, punkingseeds, whitefish, carp and suckers and perhaps some that I have forgotten. In June I was just getting down to the pier one evening and there was a boat just offshore with a old guy and his wife in it. I asked what he was fishing for and he said "Perch". Then I asked him if he had been catching any crappie and he quickly informed me that "there's no crappie here this time of year". That seemed strange as by then I was getting pretty sick of cleaning crappie almost every evening. They motored away in their little boat and I went out on the pier and fished till dark catching about 8 good sized crappies with one of 16""!

    Now fast forward to Thursday and I meet the same guy on the lake with one of his buddies. I asked them what they were fishing for and they said "Perch". Again I asked if they had caught any crappie and how big they were. The old guy said they hadn't caught a crappie there all year and didn't know they were there but had heard rumors.

    I launched my pram and rowed out to where I thought the fish would be and caught a nice fat 9'' fish on the first cast. Two fillets-only 38 more to go. I caught fish at a pretty rapid clip for awhile and they had all filled out a lot since spring. They came readily to a gold bead head Hale Bopp fished on a Type VI full sink line. After I caught my 20th fish and was getting ready to leave I paddled over to their boat and showed them my stash. At that point they had been there longer than me and had only caught about 3 decent perch. There is no moral to this story really, just a coincidental encounter with a guy that is still humming the same tune 10 years later.

    Today those crappie will meet their destiny in a cast iron skillet and will be served with fresh fried onion rings, corn on the cob and some Mirror Pond Ales.

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    Still on that crappie diet, huh? Seriously, good for you my friend. I'll be wetting a line on Thursday with Scott and Steve at Aeneas. Until then you tale will have to suffice, Thanks.
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    Fast forward to tommorrow and that same guy will be in your spot, then his friends, and his friend's friends...

    Hope that doesn't happen but all too often it does. I'd ice fish a lot and be slaying perch. I'd have one guy ask me how I'm doing and he'd catch a glimpse of my catch bucket. The next day, he and all his friends were on my holes. Catch a salmon on the beach and watch everyone converge.
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    Ive, you almost had a visitor. Just got some more information on the Lions train trip and wife really interested. If I knew about it earlier we might have been up in your country and invited myself over for a crappie feast. We took a short trip to Montana and Idaho this week which could have been to Ione & Metaline instead.

    The guys from Vancouver will be here tomorrow, hopefully we can find them some fish, but that crappie fishing you have sure sounds like some great eating I would like to try.
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    Many happy memories catching them in Winter on the ice and in the Spring with a fly rod .

    I starting going to Brownlee Reservoir in Oregon in the Spring with a fly rod. Great fishing! probably not a better crappie fishery in the US
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    Dang, Jim! That would have been one of the highlights of the year if you and the Mrs. had stopped by. We could catch em, fillet em, beer batter em and fry em up. Some seriously good eats that probably can't be duplicated in any restuarant this side of Minnesota.

    Train rides, especially the fall color ones, are a big hit here in Ione and the town population usually just about doubles on train day.

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    The size of Ione doubles from three to six on train day, Huh.

    And I thought that Silver Star was small.
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    Nice report Ive! If I ever make it out that way, would love to join you for another "crappie" day! I'll bring the beer!
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    Wonderful story, and comments Ive.
    Not much in life is better than sharing a meal that one has caught, hunted, or grown with their own two hands.
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    ive were did you catch all those crappie at?!