Air Force rod for ex student and athlete

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  1. This rod was built for an ex student and football pleayer I coached. David went on to the Air Force Academy and played football for them also. He is currently based in Colorado Springs. The blank is a Batson RX6 9' 4pc 5wt. Reel seat is a A7 with a blue/black acrylic insert partially inset into the blue/black carbon hybrid full wells grip. Guides are PacBay chrome SF with a PacBay snake style chrome stripper. Wraps are Cobalt Blue and gray in different configurations.




    Thanks for looking!
  2. Nice rod but if he's a 1Lt, why do you have Capt bars on it? Or did you confuse the AF rank insignia with the Navy's?
  3. I got the insignia off of wikepedias officer insignia. One bar was 2nd lt two bars 1st lt. Just checked and you are correct, one brass is 2nd lt and one silver is 1st. Only saving grace is that he is becoming a Capt. in april. What is funny is that his parents did no notice that or my son in the AF did not notice. I Imagine when he comes home this spring I will be redoing the decal one way or another.
  4. very nice rod!
  5. A Wild Blue Wonder.

    Beautiful stick.

    (This msg approved by an once upon a time Air Force Ssgt).
  6. approved by another SAC Trained Killer, ex Ssgt.
    sweet work.
    I'd leave the sticker as is, it's folk artsy. Besides, he'll be pinning on Major before he'll give it up long enough for you to change it...
  7. A beautiful stick indeed, nicely done!

    I'd leave the way it is too..
  8. Thanks for the kind words. I will leave the decal for now(especially since it got shipped on Monday). If he wants it changed no big deal..not that hard to do.

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