AIRE 143D / NRS Bighorn II / J&B Welding Trailer

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  1. It just dawned on me that I never put anything up on the end result of the new river whip I finished up this summer. Here it is...

    xIMG_0803.JPG xIMG_0807.JPG xIMG_0810.JPG xIMG_0813.JPG xIMG_0816.JPG xIMG_0818.JPG xIMG_0819.JPG xIMG_0811.JPG

    AIRE 143D using their thicker material throughout, which is why it's all gray, besides that I like it all gray. Really liking this raft. Feals smaller than it is.

    The frame is an NRS BighornII 82" (60" x 82"). All the other bits are through NRS as well, save for the cooler and the rod storage, which my Dad put together. It's 3in PVC slot cut for access up top and then an electrician buddy used his PVC heating blanket to shape it.

    The trailer is by a welding shop in Hamilton, MT that my uncle referred us to. Glad he did, as they seam to specialize in these types of utility trailers that can multitask (raft, bikes, quads, side-rails as needed) but are primary thought through for rafts. (J&B Welding. Missoula, MT. 406-363-5008)

    If you have an interest in the parts list, let me know offline.

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  2. :cool: Sweet ride Chris!

    Do you have any non-macro pictures?
  3. Luke, click on the thumbnails and that takes you a slide show screen where you can access the photos in full size.
  4. Thanks Gat, I got that... more specifically I was wanting to see pics of the whole raft on the trailer to get perspective on the beast.
  5. In regards to the rod storage, any feedback on the fishing/line management from the stern angler?
  6. Ohhhhhh! I get ya. Good point.
  7. What's the small lock box located behind the spare wheel on the trailer used for?
  8. Really nice setup!
  9. Lock box for the anchor?
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  10. Ugly boat. I don't like it one bit!
  11. Awesome boat, Chris!
  12. It's too clean
  13. Sharp looking. Like those heat blanket-wrapped-and-bent tubes.
  14. Taht thing is magic Johnson sick
  15. More pics of trailer?
  16. Is that a fishing boat, or a navy seal cat. Bet you could mount some 50 cals on the back....just say'n....if you wanted to.

  17. lock box for the 35lb green anchor.
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  18. sweet set-up
  19. When's the maiden voyage? She looks too clean to have been out in it yet.

    Nice thing about that frame is it can be stripped down to almost nothing when you want to float the real skinny stuff.
  20. Look who came back to the land of the living.

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