FS Aire Super Puma Raft and Fishing Frame

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  1. Posting for a friend. Direct any questions via a PM or post to the board and I'll do my best to answer. See description below.

    Aire.jpg trailer.jpg
    This package was put together by Dana at Swiftwater. The trailer is a pretty cool design, especially if using a smaller vehicle because the raised bunkers allow the raft to sit above the trailer bed, allowing a bunch of storage room. I had my personal trailer built after this design. I have been on this boat numerous times on the Yakima and Wenatchee and while it is a little too narrow for my personal preference, Aire/Outcast have found a great market for this boat. It is a few years old but well taken care of and has seen little use the last few years since my friend went from single, to boyfriend/stepdad, to now engaged.

    Aire Super Puma raft with fishing frame for sale (see http://www.aire.com/aire/products/default.aspx?id=204 for specific details about the raft). Raft comes with a fishing frame designed for two anglers and a rower, a K-Pump 100 with valve fill adapters, two Carlisle oars (9’ heavy duty) with NRS oar stops, and a rear anchor system. Package retails at $5,000+ with frame, asking $3500 obo. For an additional $1,250 package will include a 5X10 raft trailer designed by Fishcraft (see http://www.fishcraft.com/trailers/RaftTrailer/index.html for specific details). The entire package retails for over $7,600, asking $4,750 obo.
  2. I wish I could buy this. Good luck, thats a sweat rig!
  3. Is the raft still available?
  4. I have basically the same frame and seat layout on my raft. It has worked very well.
    Good deal, somebody should jump on this soon.
  5. The frame looks like everthing would get tangled. Have you experienced this in your boat Stonefish?
  6. No issues after 7 years......
  7. hmm.... sweet. I've experienced all my line getting tangles in the outcast boat frames. Glad to see This frame is better!
  8. Not sure who made those for Dana. Someone in Oregon I believe.
  9. Yep still available. But remember, Stone, probably has forgotten more times that he's untangled fly lines than most folks have been tangled so he's learned tricks and secrets how to avoid tangles over the years.
  10. It's been a few months but I'm curious whether this package is still available.
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