Aire tributary rafts?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by jcalderon, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. I was at swiftwater sports today looking at rafts and I was reccomended the AIRE tributary series. I am wondering what others' experiences have been. This will be my first raft and I am considering this raft, or an NRS otter.... The otter is hypalon while the aire boat is pvc with urathane bladders..... The price difference is about 1100 dollars.
  2. The tributary rafts are great boats. you cant go wrong with one.
  3. That will be a good boat. I run a 143D series. I've never had any problems with it.
  4. Hypalon is a superior material, and a lot more expensive - like on the scale of two fold in Asia.

    PVC is also really heinous environmental - pretty much from cradle to grave.
  5. I have two Aire Boats , an original Wildcat and an Ocelot. Aire makes great boats!

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