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  1. Hello Pals. I have an Airflo Forty Plus line that I have been using for one year. Unfortunately, I can't remember whom I bought it from, but it may have been an ebay purchase from a shop. I can't find the receipt. Anyway, I was fishing yesterday and noticed a "split" about 1"-2"s long on the line with the inside exposed. I noticed that RAJEFF SPORTS, in Vancouver is the distributor for Airflo. Can I send it there for repair or replacement? I have only had the line a year at the most, and have never had a problem like this with a fly line. No, I don't want to send it to UK. Any help out there? Thanks. RAJEFF SPORTS is closed this evening, so I can't call them until tomorrow. Do you suppose they could help me?
  2. Just call them in the morning. You can make it til tomorrow since it's dark already..
  3. Sounds like you have a fly line that has worn out. They do that.

    I give my lines two seasons of heavy use. Considering you bought this one on eBay that sounds about right?
  4. Two seasons? That seems a bit short. Modern lines should easily last 5-10 years. Larry, Echo/Rajeff should be able to help. If not, you may also be fine just coating the area with some UV knot sense or head cement or whatever your favorite clear coat is.
  5. Larry,
    Give Rajeff a call. They've been able to help me with some line issues in the past.
  6. I agree with stonefish. I had the same thing happen to a line after one season of use. The core was visible and looping out of a longitudinal split in the valley of one of the ridges. Called Rajeff sports and they sent me a replacement.
  7. My friend Derek was just telling me last night that a fly shop guy told him he uses nothing but airflow lines, not because they out perform other lines per-say but because they have a 5 year WARRANTY!

    I only received this information second hand but sounds like they back there lines. The problem you might find is that buying off Ebay second hand from a private seller not a shop or dealer you void most company warranty policies. I buy a lot of gear online and second hand and do not believe I should be rewarded with a warranty because of it. now If I buy from a shop (dealer) online I would expect the product to have a warranty! most warranties are for the original buyer from a proper dealer. When I buy a $69 line for $35 online from a personal seller, I do not expect the company to be responsible for that line. But that's just me!
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  8. If a fly line has some kind of warranty on it then you should send it in. By patching what is wrong should void the warranty. Besides it's winter time now. You don't need that line as bad as you thought you did.
  9. If it's not under warranty why not patch it using a welded loop technique? Shrink tubing over the damaged area, maybe some extra material from an old line over the split, carefully heat it up with a heat gun and cut the shrink tubing off. Lots of videos on YouTube on how to do a welded loop.
  10. 5 years out of a floating line? I'm curios now to know how often people change their line.
  11. I did buy the line brand new, not used. Problem is I can't find my receipt, dang it. Going to give them a call right now at Rajeff.
  12. Rob-

    Same thing that it did to me! NEWS UPDATE! I just called RAJEFF SPORTS, was on the phone about one minute. They said to send it in and they will REPLACE it!! There is a fly fishing god!! Thank you RAJEFF SPORTS. The split on the line was about 10-12 feet down from the the transition of the shooting head. Boy, I'm happy. I've never had this happen before. Kool service. There is no reason one cannot get several seasons out of a line or more.
  13. Same thing just happened to my AirFlo line on the second time out. Just mailed today for replacement. However, I would never return any line after one year of use no matter what the warranty is.
  14. Funny, I've switched most of my lines to Airflo mostly because of how much longer they last. Seems like I could only get 1-2 years from the other name brands, but the Airflo's are good for at least 5. This is the first I've heard of one having issues so soon. Good to see they back the product.
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  15. Any line that doesn't last one stinking year of fishing is worthless. I have fished other lines for probably as much as 5 years with no problems. Problem is, I think the quality has gone a bit downhill. Maybe because of so many different types that weren't available in the earlier years of my last 50 years of fly fishing. I wouldn't hesitate to return a line 2 years old if it was failing on it's own.
  16. I have to agree Larry. But then again I use nothing but scientific anglers or Cortland lines! something about over 50 years experience making lines makes me happy when buying a line. Airflow is right across the bridge from me and I have thought about going over and casting some of there lines. Splitting down the middle? never seen it happen so will save the gas and stick with the brands I grew up on. I have had good longtime use with teeny lines also.
  17. I'm wondering if this is isolated to the 40+ lines. It seems like a coating issue and
    I would think that they would use the same product to coat their other lines as
    well. I have a few of their other lines and haven't experienced any problems but
    my "fishing frequency" has been below normal lately. Anybody having problems
    with other Airflo lines?
  18. Airflo uses a different material vs other companies. They use Polyethylene vs PVC, which is used by the other major brands. Rajeff Sports never once let me down customer service wise, and their lines cast freaking awesome, but I had a ton of issues with lines stripping/breaking/sinking, etc.

    I'm admittedly a Rio fanboy these days.
  19. Looking down the road a bit but wondering how warranty service will be affected as
    Rajeff brings on more Echo lines if successful? I could see them going away from Airflo
    if it works out unless Airflo is making them and they are marketed as Echo.
  20. You will not find a company with better service than Echo/Airflo...maybe equivalent but not better. Just give them a call on Monday.

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