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  1. Actually, yes. Last year I bought an Airflo Velocity, I think their "lower quality" line. It was a 5wt. WF line. I used it several times in the salt. It constantly "coiled" up on me. It was fairly inexpensive, so I just wrapped it back up on it's original spool and it sits on the shelf... I don't recommend it. I was trying it in the salt, but perhaps it might not coil on warmer water condtions. I don't know.

    I too am like Mark Kraniger, regarding Scientific Angler and Cortland, although I have not been that happy with the last two lines I bought from Cortland. They tended to "crack" a lot after little use. The latest line I bought was a RIO Grand WF5 which I have been using in the saltwater. Good line. Nice casting smooth line. I believe they are a 1/2 weight heavier as stated on the box. Sometimes it's a renewed pleasure to cast a line like this, versus, these damn "shooting heads" that sometimes require a little more attention, but they are nice in the saltwater for distance, but isn't necessary half the time....

    I sent in the line after talking to Rajeff Sports on the phone on the 1st. I received a new line in the mail today, the 11th. Thank you RAJEFF SPORTS and Airflo! :) :) :):cool:
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  3. I'm glad they stand behind the lines. "But" I have never had to send in a premium s.a. line and did wrap a GPX 5 wt. line around my 55# electric motor prop, a whole 30 feet of the head. after unwrapping the line from prop - no splits - a few kinks but fished the rest of the day.
    kress 004.jpg

    A little mucilin and it floated like a champ!
  4. Wow! That's amazing Mark! Ha! Kool. could have been "luck". :D
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  5. This post is interesting. I was doing some research yesterday and stumbled on a YouTube clip of a gentlemen reviewing Airflo's 40+. The purpose of his review was to discuss the changes in the 40+ last year. He stated that Airflo went back to the drawing board and made the new 40+ series of lines with a longer back taper because there was breakage issues with the orginal design where the head meets the running line due to hinging during false casts. With the extended back taper there is a seamless transition and the breakage problems have been eliminated. It would be interesting to hear what Rajeff has to say about this. Please keep us posted. Mc
  6. I've seen that video. The new 40+ eliminated the black splice that connected the head to the running line. I've fished the old version for all my salt fishing for a number of years and haven't found hinging to be much of a problem. I also have the new version and it is a fine casting line.

    There are trade-offs with the new 40+ lines design. The main one in my opinion is the line color. The new line has a bright orange running line with a green opaque head. The old line had a yellow running line with a clear head.
    Airflo no longer offering a clear head on their intermediate lines is a big step backwards in my opinion.
    While the new version may have solved some problems, there are lots of other line choice available for those who wish to fish intermediates with clear heads. Rio and SA both offer clear head intermediate lines.

    I'm just glad I have multiple lines in the old version.
  7. No luck here! I'm good at getting lines in my prop. last spring I cut a teeny 300 grain sink tip in half with my gas motor prop while speed trolling a eastern lake. had that line since the 80's - I'm a pro at line testing ;-)~
  8. I know that this thread is a couple of months old, but I was wondering if there was any follow up on how well these lines hold up. I have been thinking of replacing an 8 weight floater on one of my reels.
    Wondering if this is a good choice?

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