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  1. As we get closer to the magic hour on the Columbia systems - you may want to go give these a test ride. I cast one on my 13 foot 7wt in April and really liked it. Airflo made a few changes to the proto-type I gave a spin with.

    I think Airflo really has some great lines and I think this one will be another good addition

    Take Care
  2. How long is the head?
  3. OK ... so big question ... how is the line built to cast.

    Designed for Skagit Casting? (seems so) or Single Spey?

    Would be interested if it was SS.

  4. Skagit built for single spey? What are you talking about, segge? I was more confused about "skagit line and columbia tribs heating up."
  5. Pan - I look at September as "My" starting point for the Columbia Tribs - you guys that live on those systems, Im sure have a much larger window - Us west side guys if we are lucky only get about 10 to 15 days on a system and I shoot for September/October as my time frame there. Pan you will have to look at the specs of the line and see whats its all about - I hope all is well with ya

    Segge - you will have to go cast a demo line and see how it fits your style - I know many guys that fish longer bellys with the floating lines - but from my understanding these line will cast much better in the winds - but as always lines have to fit how you want to fish
  6. Thanks for posting this! I might have to give this out sometime in the near future.
  7. I've been hearing about rumor of this line for about 8 months now it's killing me not to be able to give it a swing..................Thinking the Klick/Wenatchee/Methow and a switch rod and a dry. I feel like a borderline 12 stepper fighting back the urge for a fix.
  8. I guess I'm confused. According to Tim R. The head ranges from 28-32the ft. which is the same length of the regular compact. So, this is a 30 ft long floating line. If you can cast you'll be stripping all day long. Why in the world would someone want to do this? Its a complete contradiction in terms. Enlightenment me to its practical application, aside from it being a floating line a newbie could pick up and cast.
  9. Four things Pan -
    1. I fish the Deschutes in September and see alot of Wind, this line will give me a better cast in the Big D's wind
    2. I fish many spots that the brush is right up on me - a poke or smaller D is going to allow me to fish these areas well
    3. I really don't have to cast that far for my buckets - I am really only casting between 40 and 60 feet - I should be able to jack it out to where I want to be in some areas - this will give me a better short game
    4. I don't mind the stripping - TO ME stripping is much less stress on my body then casting a long belly all day and I fish Skagit lines all winter, I can stay consistant with my casting.

    When it comes down to it - I never got into the long belly game, I am not good at casting them and they beat the shit out of me. Yes I could practice but with a wife, two kids, job, dog, duck hunting a lawn to mow and a bunch of other shit in life, I really don't feel I need that Enlightenment of the long belly
  10. I will work on a schematic! In the mean time, the front taper is around 17' to 15' depending on the size. It has a much larger diameter than a Scandi giving it better turn over. The rear taper is 4' and has a huge diameter when compared to a Scandi. -It's slightly smaller than a Skagit Compact. This is the same concept I used on the Skagit Compact and the Skagit Switch. By putting the "Mass In The Ass" the caster instantly feels more load during the D-Loop cycle than most spey heads. This equates to less line speed needed to load the rod -thus the ability to throw a tighter D-Loop. It also allows the caster to use significant over-hand when they do want to use a lot of line speed and shoot for the moon. Happy Casting! -TL

    Tom Larimer kindly provide the line design information in his blog... this might give you additional useful information.
  11. Good points, Chris. I appreciate your honesty.
  12. Sounds pretty much like the Fall Favorite 45... the most awesome floating line ever.
  13. Ian - everybody that I know that has tossed the Fall Favorite 45 has liked it - they are just hard to find. One of my buddies wants the full line and still can't find it.
    Great Line and good call
  14. I agree the FF 45 is really tough to find and I'm pretty sure I had the same conversation with the same person you are referring to about how hard they are to find. Now that I think about it I'm pretty sure while we were talking about the FF 45 the Rage Compact was brought up as well but a name was never mentioned during the conversation only that the line is still in development and should be very nice when it is done. If Airflo can make a comparable line to the FF 45 customers should be down right thrilled with the performance.
  15. So the next question is when/where this line will be available? I don't see it listed anywhere (including the AIrflo website) which it makes it even more unobtanium that the Nextcast lines...
  16. The line is not yet available and is still in development. From what I understand it has a few issues to be worked out before production.
  17. How does this line compare with the Airflo Dec Hogan Tactical Steelhead with the tip removed?
  18. Got a Rage 570 in the mail last Friday. Loaded it up on my Loop Yellow 8124 and 10 ft poly leader. A quick trip to the snake this morning to make a few cast. Fishes just as Tom L called it. She loades up and fires it off just like my compact 570 and tip. Should be fun for the skagit only guys to fish up for early fall fish. Should be a winner.
  19. I feel ashamed saying this, kind of

    but I don't get the product names anymore.
    Maybe the next hot line will be called "the Penetrator"
    sorry, hyperbole irks me in such a mellow pursuit as ours...
  20. Well, the FF45 has a 45 ft head, and the Rage has a 30ft head.

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