Airflo Rage: Not So Clever Or Am I Missing Something?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Loren E, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Nextcast Fall Fav in a 45ft head is where its at;)
  2. Well, unfortunately the stuff I like isn't produced by Rio any more. I really like the Windcutter (floater, not the looped). For better turn over I would buy it one line size larger and cut it back a few feet. Worked pretty darn good. I like the Delta (short not long) just out of the box, though it floats like a soggy log.

    For the Scandi stuff I like Vision's Scandi. It's pretty delicate though, so it doesn't turn over the heaviest of stuff. If you want a scandi to turn stuff over the Airflo Compact is a great choice. In addition I really like the AFS. But the only times I've cast them, the rod was 'overlined' for a Skandi (say one or even two line sizes heavier). I wouldn't worry about doing this, as the Skandi is usually pretty lightly lined versus what the rod can support.

    Other than that, I've only got anecdotal info. Lots of people like the Ballistic lines from SRO. I plan on getting a few of them, so if I get a hold of a few, you'll be more than welcome to try it.....
  3. Also forgot...

    Longer skandi head.
  4. Thanks Guys- those lines all sound like what I'm looking for...

    WA 45

    I have 3 CND GPS lines and they are fabulous- my temptation is to remove part of the rear taper and make them into shooting heads- but I hate to chop such a fine line - and I need a long midbelly- I'll probobly end up with Delta or one of the above mentioned for a shortbelly and Vision Ace or AFS for Scandi - These lines are mostly for dry line presentations only and to practice casting when the wind is not blowing- When it comes to the steelhead fishing the wind is usually blowing and I cast Skagit and tips year round. If anyone wants to trade for a Rage I might be open to any of the above.
  5. It's hard for me not to cut a fly line, I just can't help myself! Lines are built to meet the demands of a lot of different rod types and casters, it only makes sense to tune them to your personal liking and needs.

    Just cut is so liberating!

  6. Please don't cut that GPS. I will take it off your hands.
  7. I did chop the 10/11 from the rear enough to lighten it for my 15' 8/9 but my 8/9 and 6/7 havent even had much if any snipped off the front. How do they compare to the Delta long?
  8. GPS is a superior line all around. It floats, it throws tight loops, and it floats.....
  9. Calvin, do you want to sell the 8/9?
  10. Not just yet- its perfect for my 15' DC...your welcome to try it though.

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