Airflo Ridge Line: Field test report

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Itchy Dog, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Yesterday I had a chance to use my new 6 wt line for the first time. It's the Airflo Ridge Line Distance Taper WF6F. It's got a ridged surface coating and I was amazed, really, at how this line slides through the guides. It's not a slippery feel like some of my other lines- you can actually feel a texture to it, but no negative abrasion on the fingers after a full day of casting/stripping. And it casts sweetly as well. Unfortunately, or fortunately as it may be, there was no wind to contend with all day so I didn't get to test how the line does in the wind, but given the way it shoots under ideal conditions, I'd have to say it'll fight the wind really well. I've got several other lines for my 4 and 6 wt rods, and they all cast well, but none jump out as being anything unusual in my opinion. The Airflo definitely defined itself as my new favorite line.

    Anyway, for anyone pondering a new line, I recommend the Airflo Ridge series. :thumb::thumb:
  2. Thanks Itchy Dog. I am in need of running line for a shooting head...I was thinking about the ridge running line. I like my airflo lines so far too, 40+ lines, not the ridge, but so far they are making me look like I can cast! (well to the best they can of course)
  3. At this point I have Airflo lines on 95% of my em all. The ridgeline is killer, even have the bonefish ridgeline that I used in Ascension Bay last year.

    All of them seem to really cut through the wind well, which is one of the best things about them. Really one of the best lines I have even fished on a 6wt nymph rig with a strike indicator...rollcasts like a champ.

    In lighter weights (4wt), they are great for a delicate, quiet presentation to spooky trout...

    Never had any issues with the loops...and have only trashed one line so far by ripping too hard on a knot in my leader wrapped around the line.

    As with all lines, you have to clean the dirt and grit after using them a few times...which is easy enough with wondercloth or any of the line cleaning products out there.
  4. Just when i'd hoped that I could somehow get by with my old, hacked up Outbound, now this!
    Thanks a lot guys.:rofl: Airflo will probably thank you as well, and sooner than I'd originally planned.:clown:
  5. I have airflo's running line and it is the shit!...shoots through the guides like a hot knife through butter! :thumb:
  6. I agree Itchy, Airflo lines are next level, i'll be only using their lines by the end of this summer, already switched to only their Spey lines, and half of my trout rods with their stuff. Fished the Ridge Nymph a bunch this fall and winter on my 8wt and same report as you, great stuff, no prob turning over a big bobber and a bunch of junk.

    Mumbles- you cant go wrong with the ridge running line.
  7. Thanks for the report Itchy. It reminded me that I bought a nearly new Ridge 5wt from a member here last year but have yet to spool it up. Some friends and I are planning a trip in early May and I'll pair it up with my 1970s vintage Fenwick brown 7-1/2' fiberglass.

  8. I have the Airflo Ridgeline in WFF 4 and 5wts and the Ridge running line for my Spey heads, Short answer, I like 'em. They fish well on the 'boo rods, and the 40+(pre ridge) line in 7wt makes a hack caster like me look good punching out off the beach. It does fair single hand spey duty as well on the 10' Sage FLi.
  9. I'm getting rigged up for a trip to Ascention Bay in December. I have an original Loomis GLX 8 wt (a two piece, so tougher to travel with), just bought a Sage Xi2 890-4 on ebay, and have a Winston BL-5 9 wt. I was thinking of getting some new lines, and the Airflow looks promising. The lodge I'm going to really likes the SA Bonefish line. Any comments? Thanks, Rick
  10. I use the ridgeline running line on my spey rod and love it. Great stuff doesn't tangle nearly as much as the other lines I have used.
  11. They are all I use now, I love them. They are durable as well and for the performance they offer a good price point.
  12. Dang, I'm convinced. Where do I get it? My local shop has a bunch of airflo lines, integrated shooting heads, trout, tropical and multi tips but none of the running lines alone.
  13. PM sent
  14. Ive got it at Puget sound fly co before, give Anil and those guys a call.
  15. Used to use the ridge running line, now I use airflo's no-stretch miracle braid.

    It is a better fit for my particular set of fishing conditions.
  16. I just bought my Ridge running line at Peninsula Outfitters just before the Hoh Down, and there were several left on the shelf(20lbs and a 30). I guess they're really popular. The 40+ head I loop to loop onto the ridge running line now as the original integrated running line stated to shred at the head/running line junction.
  17. This will be my 3rd year with my Ridge lines . I have them in 4,5 , and 6 weight , and I`ve no complaints about any of them . They also have a superb intermediate line that I like alot . It sinks sloooowly , unlike many of my other intermediates , which sink like Type 2 lines .

    Have three running lines , one is a Polyfuse , and the other two are NMR`s . The 20lb. NMR is too thin , but I like the 35lb .

    Also have a couple of Delta Spey , and a NW Skagit heads .

    Good products .
  18. I use Monic Phantom Tips for presentation and Air Flo Ridge lines for about every other application here. Tough as hell, shoot like crazy and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. The GT lines are sweet also. Duff
  19. I have Airflo Tactical Trout on my 5 weight. I love the way it casts. But it will not float and it is a pain to mend. Is there something I can treat it with? I am thinking about returning it to Cabelas.
  20. quit shopping at cabelas.

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