Airflo Ridge Line: Field test report

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Itchy Dog, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Jake Bannon

    Jake Bannon nymphs for steelhead....

    Suprisingly enough, the Wal Mart of fly fishing gear is very good about warrenties and exchanges....I dont buy from there often but Ive had great service from them.
  2. rick matney

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    I don't believe you.
  3. Jake Bannon

    Jake Bannon nymphs for steelhead....

    I bought a reel from them in gift cards, the drag went out a year or so later, told them....they took it back and gave me a new one. Same thing happend, I told them once again and they replaced it...again, no hassle. Decided to upgrade, some thing went wrong with it 6 months later, replaced it again, didnt have to pay shipping...nada. Upgraded again and used it for another 8 months or so, due to mass abuse....drag screwed up again. This time I took it in and said whats the deal, they took it, guy reached behind the counter and handed me a new one in the box. Im still on this one....However half the time i didnt have reciepts, boxes or anything. Im not a fan of their store except for hunting gear really, and their extra large thingamabobbers. :D
  4. A buddy of mine who uses those ridge running lines got wrapped up, and while pulling over his shoulder the weld on his rio skagit broke before the ridge. Tough stuff. I used one for a few days and it started peeling off the core so...
  5. Porter

    Porter Active Member grabbed a nutsack :beer1:
  6. grabbed your mom's nutsack
  7. Porter

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    Oh no you didn't wouldn't be alive...she has the fastest action stick on the market...some type of maple...about 24" x 1.5" ...leaves a gawd awful sting and ugly red blueish mark right below the ass cheeks ...and god forbide it you try to put your hands down there to block :eek: Oh I forgot some are growing up not knowing what a good swat is...
  8. Ed Call

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    Ha ha. Went to my local shop yesterday in a rush at lunch but did not find any ridge running line. I was in a hurry and must have missed it. Stopped by again today on the way home to check again or order one. Presto, I'll be spooling it up later tonight.

    Who's grabbing who's nutsack, cut that shit out!
  9. Bill Dodd

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    Thanks for the report.


  10. Zen Piscator

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    The ridge runner is sweet because it doesn't tangle like the rio running lines I have, so I starting using it plus the miracle braid for compact skagit/scandi casting. I think the ridge nymph is the best roll casting line I've ever used.
  11. Ryan Buccola

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    mircle braid is the dope shit~
  12. Matthew Gulbranson

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    I agree John. I am thinking of putting the Ridge running line on my "single hand skagit" on my 8wt. I don't have near the tangle problems as with other running lines. I'm with Ya'll - Love the stuff!