Airflo Ridge Line

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kaiserman, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Has anyone had a chance yet to try this new line? I have the original (I think), from a few years back and love it.

    I asked at the fly shop, but they were busy closing up...and I'm not sure what he said actually. :hmmm: They were busy trying to wrap up so I didn't want to push the issue.

    Seems like all they've done is change the color.
  2. Hell yes. I love every one of the airflo lines and the ones with ridge running/shooting line are fantastic.
  3. +1
  4. Im honestly not into the ridge running line. I switched to the airflo miracle braid and have had a decrease in tangles by about 95%. Its a little harder to handle but it shoots better than any running line ive tried yet.
  5. Hello, I have both Ridge and Sharkskin lines, in sizes 3-9 I like em both a lot, I have found the Ridge line to be slightly easier to cast in the lighter weights, lays out a bit smoother for me, and seems to be better in cold weather. What I really like about the Ridge lines is that they are a bit more durable, don't have to be as carefull about storage and chemicals. Clean it, fish it....thats it
  6. Great info guys thanks!

    I was kind of leary at first just. Sometimes when they go to make a line better, they change an already great line to crap. I found that out with Courtland years back with their "Lazer Line".
  7. I've changed over all my floaters to this line. As far as I'm concerned they perform flawlessly. What I really like about the airflo lines is that they last a long time. May of the other popular brands only last a season or two at best. I've had one airflo line outlast 3 SA lines that were used on a different setup.
  8. I have both the rio core and the airflo ridge line on my spey rigs. The airflo ridge line is superior in every way.
  9. Thanks for starting this thread. I too am needing to purchase running line. I think I'll now go with Airflo!

  10. I find the ridge and the sharkskin lines p/u too much junk and, when they do, their harder to clean. The noise the sharkskin makes is annoying. I'll stick with what I grew up with... Cortland and SA.
  11. airflo does last a long time because it isn't pvc coated so it doesn't leach out its lubricants and dry up and crack

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