Airflo Speydicator Specs

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    After a year in the making, it has arrived. Don’t let the name fool you; it’s more than a one trick pony. Think versatility. Swinging sink tips? Of course. Bobbers? Bring 'em on. Overhead? Launch away. Just one thing- make sure you have enough space on your reel to accommodate the line. 200yds of 20# micron should leave plenty of room on a standard 9/10 reel. And if thats pushing it, cut the last 20' of running line off and weld a new loop, there's plenty there. After all, its polyurethane. Pick up some shrink tubing at Fry's, a seam ripper at Joann Fabrics and buy your wife a new hair dryer.

    So why the hell did it take so long to get the line finished? Well, it took three versions to finally get what we wanted, which means the advertised diagram AND grain weights in the 2010 Airflo catalog are incorrect. The differences? The rear taper and addition of the handling line. It’s never been a question of what was needed to turn over big shit. More mass than the earth. That didn’t take long, but how do you manage your junk after it hits the water? Its all about the mends! The problem with skagit and scandi heads is that they cannot be effectively mended to provide an extended dead drift once on the water. There needed to be a specific rear taper that could not only smooth out an overhead cast and provide a variable length of overhang for a spey cast, but one, when combined with the handling line, could stack mend to the head AND reposition it if needed.

    Originally designed for switch rods, the line works equally well on spey rods. To keep things simple, if you have a 7wt switch or spey, go with a 7wt Speydicator. No need to overline. The lines come with a black sleeve that identifies the rear taper. For overhead casting, strip the sleeve into the guides before you cast. For spey casting, hang it right outside the tip. Make no mistake, this line is a workhorse.

    For you line nerds out there, the entire line is broken down into the head, handling line, and running line. From the backing knot forward, there's 60' of 30# (.035'') ridge runner, followed by 25' of level handling line (.057''), followed by the head (43'). The percentage breakdown of the head only, includes a front taper (23%), belly (51%), and rear taper (26%). The black sleeve sits roughly half way up the rear taper. Line weights come in 6 through 9.

    ...Brought to you by the folks at Airflo and those of us who lose sleep over line tapers and trophy fish, where creativity is the mother of progression.
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    And you can cast a small farm animal into a 40 mph wind......just saying. And it throws tips like a mother as well
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    Confirmed...lower madison Saturday. Willy sold me on it for my new switch....sweeeet line!

  4. stewart dee

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    Is it a double taper like the old GrandSpeys from Rio?
  5. k2flyfisher

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    well from what i remember, the grandspey was far from a double taper...with 15% belly and then 75% stepdowns and front taper, it was actually pretty different.
  6. Thanks for the report. I was kind of wondering what that line was like and how it performed. It looks like a super line for switch rods.
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    Are they available now and how does a guy go about getting a hold of one?
  8. Andrew Lawrence

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    I know that the Avid Angler already has them available. You could probably order one from them. Other than that, I am not aware of any other shops that currently have them in stock.


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    Cant wait to fling a bobber from a nice two hander.:rofl:
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    CRACK PIIIIIIIPPPE! that avatar is SICK! makin me jones.......:)
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    I have the 7,8, and 9 weights The Production model is pretty sweet. Went out and Hooked 8 last week trying it on the 11'6" Winston Switch.

    I guess my fly is a biger than a small farm animal. I was casting in 40mph wind on the OP and managed. It mends very well which is key.

    Go get one!
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    Git wit it!!!!!!!!!!!
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    updated spec data for 7, 8, and 9. the 6 is loaned out right now and will be added soon.

    ***these measurements include the front taper, the belly, and 1.5' of the rear taper. this length of course, can be varied based on your setup and fishing situation, and is also the same length of rear taper on the compact scandi and skagit***

    6wt ~480 grains @ 33'6''
    7wt ~540 grains @ 35'
    8wt ~600 grains @ 36'
    9wt ~660 grains @ 37'6''
  14. C.Jones

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    Have you or Steelie Mike used these lines much on the Echo SR's and Decho's?
  15. Steelie Mike

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    Both of us primarily used the Echo SR while experimenting with these lines. That is how we figured out how valuable they can be used for swinging flies. I had one of my best days last Fall on a local river experimenting with one of the demos a the 6 switch. When nymphing with the switch and trying to get distance you have to be very patient and let the rod load the line. From a boat they work great. I have not tried this line with the Decho, rather the TR and Classic. They work great on both of them.
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    This is awesome! Thanks!
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    I have been searching for a new line for several months to fill a Meiser reel, which was a Christmas gift. This line sounds too good to be true. I just ordered the 7wt 420gr Speydicator for my 7 wt ZA switch. Will this line work with my 7133 Burkie? Just sounds too light as I use a 540 gr compact skagit. If it works with both, I will truely be amazed.
  18. k2flyfisher

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    the line will work for both, just make sure youre aware that the "sweet spot" for your switch might be different than that for your Burkheimer. if you plan on using the same line for both 7's, i would take a permanent marker and mark off where each line casts the best, e.g., one line for the switch, and two for the spey.
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    K2FF, you read minds for a hobby?! Thanks for the confirmation.