Airlines and Fly Rods

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Cliff, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. Cliff Member

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    All - I am headed to Anchorage next week and will be taking my rods. I have a 9ft, 5wt pack rod for trout and dollies, grayling, etc., that will fit in my duffle, but my 9ft, 8wt is a two-piece. The Alaska Airlines web site says up to two rods can be checked as baggage, but I'm always fearful of, a) damage, and b) losing it. I do have a hardshell rod case for the 8wt, however. It makes me nervous not to have all of my gear "with me" or in one duffle. In the past I've seen guys waiting for Alaska flights at SeaTac with their two-piece rods in their hands, but I seriously doubt the airlines wll allow carry-on rods these days, especially a really long rod case designed for a two-piece rod. Or am I wrong? Any advice?

  2. Mike Ediger Active Member

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    I just got back from Kodiak (through Anchorage) a few days ago, after the most recent security upgrade, and three of us carried our rods on Continental and ERA without someone even questioning us. Cases weren't not opened or even inspected. Mine are four piece but my brothers were two piece. Can't say what AK air will do but there were about 100 people in the airport all carrying rod cases so I have to think it is common enough that it won't be a problem. On the way there I didn't get my luggage, but at least I had my rods and reels! Have fun.
  3. MrP Member

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    A few years ago I took two piece rods to Wyoming. I put all the rods together in one, hard, travel rod tube. The tube has an adjustable shoulder strap and a hand strap so its easy to carry. There were several tubes at the baggage claim turnstile; we weren't the only guys on the flight with rods. No one was allowed to bring rods on the plane though the guy in front of us at baggage check in insisted that he had done it in the past. The world has changed. If you have to check them in, it's not that big of a deal, if you can carry them on, all the better.
  4. BigBill Banned or Parked

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    Just dont try to carry on any bottled water or toothpaste. These are the kinds of potentially deadly items the highly trained security agents are trying to keep off the plane! But hey, waiting an extra hour going through security is well worth the feeling of safety I get from knowing nobody has any finger nail clippers!

    Sarcasm rating: 9+/10
  5. Bruce Davidson formerly hatman

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    Cliff, just my experience, but I've checked my rods and gear scores of times over the years, with many different airlines, and have never lost anything. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I don't think twice about checking my gear.

    And like Bill, I can safely board the plane without fear of being smothered to death with someone's toothpaste.
  6. Kyle Smith Active Member

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    You guys, it's not funny, my sister's arm was blown off in a lipstick accident. Actually, I don't have a sister... It was me with the lipstick.
  7. Cliff Member

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    Guys, thanks very much for your suggestions. I was finally able to get a live person on the phone from AA and the guy told me it would be "just fine" for me to carry the larger rod on as carry-on. Kind of surprised me, but then again it IS Alaska with lots of fishermen heading thataway. So I guess I'm good to go. By the way, if you DO check it as baggage it doesn't count as such.

    I certainly appreciate all of the tips!

  8. Gary Thayer Member

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    I returned from a fishing trip to Alaska last weekend, if you check your rods, check the oversized baggage pick up area as they may not be reated as normal luggage. I saw regular rod tubes and the oversized shipping type in that area.

  9. rmenefee Pool Spooker

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    Just traveled to MT from MD yesterday. Rods in cases are no problem as carry on. Saw 2, two piece rod cases. They stored them with car seats and thigs like that, no problem. I carried on a 5 piece and a 4 piece.
  10. Salmo_g Active Member

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    I check my multi-rod tube, and Alaska and Continental don't count it as one of the two pieces of checked baggage, altho sometimes you have to remind them of that. Twice I've had my rod tube, and once my duffle bag, show up on the next flight after I arrived in Dillingham, but not so late as to interfere with my travel and fishing plans. However, I'm thinking about not taking the bamboo to Alaska anymore; the anxiety bothered me. I'm leaning to just taking 4-piece rods that can travel with my carry on luggage, so long as I remember to empty my water bottle.
  11. River Steenson New Member

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    I've flown from Hawaii and back with 2 piece rod cases and I just got back from the Big Horn in MT a month ago on Horizon and carried on board 3 ea 2 piece rod cases. No questions asked ever. Just pretend like you know they'll accept them on board and you won't give them a chance to tell you no. Try and board as soon as you can and stick them in the overhead compartment and you're good to go. :thumb:

    At least that's been by experience. Good luck. :D
  12. nick m New Member

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    Well I'm sitting in sea-tac right now and in boston they took my toothpaste, sunscreen, chapstick, and nikwax yet allowed me to carry on my 34" metal club of a rod case. I think one would do much better with the club than various tubes of gunk. Oh yeah, they also took my precious vermont maple syrup. bastards
  13. salt dog card shark

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    Even the same airline company may have different policies depending on what city you're moving through.

    Until last fall I've had no trouble with my 3-piece 8wt sticking out of my carryon back pack in most places across the U.S. and Bahamas for years; coming back through Atlanta, they made me check it; said new policy in effect. No matches allowed either.

    I replaced the 3-piece 8 wt with a 4-piece 8 wt and a 10 wt., packed them diagonally into my suitcase, fit perfectly, no more problem, as long as they don't loose the luggage for long. Reels all went into the carry-on, along with fly box, leader, swim trunks, toiletries. My hemostat is blunt nosed, so they let me keep it even though x-rayed in looked like a weapon of mass destruction (scissors). :)
  14. Tom Arroll Member

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    Never had any problems bringing rods on the plane and have done it many places around the world. Last time I went to Hawaii I did check my 2 piece rods and finaly got them from the Ailines the day I had to leave:mad: . Won't check my rods again! Just flew back from California and saw a number of people with rods get through security. They took my water and would not even let me drink it though! I guess I could have detonated myself!

  15. gt Active Member

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    i must be safer now: ''me that water and take off yur'shoes...' yes sir're while that unscreened airparcel stuff is just stuffed in the luggage compartment. lockerbie anyone??? must be closin'in on the elections.
  16. Kaari White Active Member

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    About 1/4 of the people on the flights two/from Anchorage right now are going to be carrying fly rods. It makes it easy to know who to talk to as you're waiting for a flight! I saw a guy yesterday with 7 fly rods duct taped together that he carried on.

    But, no one that I've seen is carrying 2 piece rods. Some flights you might be able to stick your rod in a coat closet, but there's no way that thing is going to fit in the overhead bin.

    I just got off an Alaska flight from Anchorage this morning at 2am. They're great with fly fishing equipment and very understanding. Even the TSA agent leaving SeaTac last week joked with me about my carry on... He started listing off the contents "Fly rod...reels....wading boots..." and then had to throw in "are you going golfing?" I didn't know they had a sense of humor.
  17. FlyFisherKid the kid's in town.

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    my fly case is a round aluminum cylinder, theyd probly mistake it for a bomb
  18. Cliff Member

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    I'm in Anchorage now, and there was no problem taking my two-piece (9ft) rod on board. It fit perfectly in the overhead. There were probably three or four other guys with pack rods, and at least one other guy with a two-piecer. Now let's see if I can make good on them later this week when I drive south. Yesterday I drove all the way up to the Denali Park Road north of Cantwell, around 500 miles RT. That is the most beautiful country I've ever seen. Anyway, the Kenai happens later this week. Hope it stays dry.

  19. Curtis New Member

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    Carry your rods on board. Carry your digital camera on also as my friend got his stolen out of his checked luggage. They even put a tag on his bag saying it was inspected by tsa.
  20. tythetier Fish Slayer

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    Take Your Rods But Leave Your Reels/line In Your Checked Bag. I Heard Of A Guy That Had To Strip Off All His Line Because It Is A 'strangulation Device.' What Kind Of Bs Is That?? But Yet Every One Gets On The Plane With At Least One Type Of Strangulation Device. Can Anyone Guess What It Is?????.......thats Right Boys And Girls, Your Shoe Laces!!!

    Next Thing You Know We Are Gonna Be Shaved Bald And Stripped Naked When We Want To Fly.

    Who Wants A Cavity Search!!!!!