AK Sockeye and Bows

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  1. Just got back from a trip to Alaska and had a great time. I fished the Kenai River for sockeye and spent a couple of days on the Parks Highway for bows. The fishing was excellent and I was excited to get to use my new Echo Ion reel. It did awesome! I cannot believe how well this reel performs for the money, and I was really able to push it to the limit with a couple of fish.

    The Parks Highway streams were just getting some Kings in the water and I am sure the bead bite will be on soon. But these guys were going crazy over streamers. The rainbows were just hanging out right behind the Kings and were willing to viciously chase down your fly on the swing, particularly Dolly Llama and sculpin patterns.

    Overall a great trip, I cannot wait to get back in the fall for some monster bows. Here are a few pictures.

    Some "fishy" water
    Spawning Kings
    Bow just about to start getting a double chin
    The Kenai
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  2. Lovin that rainbow man...jealous. Great photos!
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  3. Thanks man, it was a great time!
  4. God, I miss that place. Sockeye are lightning on a 6 or 7 weight.
  5. Dude, they are insane on a 7 - cant imagine a 6! I honestly think pound for pound they are the hardest fighting fish, especially on the kenai with sea lice still on them.
  6. When I lived in Kasilof in the 70-80's I only had 2 fly rods; early sage #6 and a fenwick #7 glass. Caught lots of silvers, reds and even some smallish Kings on them. The reds were fun, hard to chose 'tween them and silvers.
  7. I have caught many silvers on my 6wt, which I also feel is sufficient for first run reds. But man, for the second run I like to pack a little heavier rod. I have got some big fish over the last fews years that really didnt appreciate the hook in the mouth and could really rock a lighter weight rod!
  8. Alaska fishing...simply another world. Looks like you had a good time, thanks for sharing.

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