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  1. Hey all,

    I have been snooping around the forum the last couple of months and have officially found out I will be moving to Auburn from Anchorage mid January. As I will dearly miss the fishing in AK, I am excited about making the move and the fact I can fly fish year round! I have been doing a lot of research in the area and am ready to hit the water ASAP. BTW, this forum has been an excellent resource. I will likely be needing some new fishing buddies and will also be looking into getting a drift boat. Big move, but ready to get down!
  2. Welcome to the State! There are a lot of varied games here and I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun. Fishing may be different, but there is good fishing to be had.
  3. I'd I would recommend driving in 8 hours of any direction! Montana, Oregon and British Columbia will blow you away (blows me away). I'd also try to figure out fishing lake tapps, pretty lake with smallies and tiger muskies. Warmwater fishing is much better down there (it exists!). If you like fishing Anchorage's stocked lakes you'll like the trout fishing in Washington. Also beach fishing is really really fun.
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  4. Which is it. Your moving to Washington or to Alaska. You stated that you are moving to Alaska and the next thing is you are moving to Washington.
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  5. AK to WA...
  6. Awesome man, good to hear. I didnt hit the lakes too much, but sounds like I will have to try it out in WA. Thanks for the input, driving 8 hours isn't too bad either. I lived in Fairbanks for a couple of years so doing a little driving to fish doesnt really bother me.
  7. Well welcome to Washington state anyway. I'm in Montana but I lived and fished there for over 60 years.
  9. Thanks Old Man, I am sure you have a wealth of knowledge. I am going to be just a pup to the area. I have heard great things about the fishing - now I just need to experience it. However, I think half the fun is getting out and finding new spots by trial and error. I know I have had many great times in AK for past years doing the same.
  10. anyone who says you have to drive 8 hours in any direction to find good fishing in washington state knows nothing about the fishing here. we have great, easily accessed saltwater fishing, year-round steelhead opportunities, and many backcountry trout opportunities (lakes and streams), along with the aforementioned warmwater fisheries (which i know nothing about). there are certainly issues and the fishing isn't as good as it was in the past but there are still tons of opportunities to explore.

  11. Hey Chris, I am not worried about the fishing at all. I have got to experience some awesome fishing is AK and am just excited to be in a place I can throw a line all year. From the research I have done it seems that the fishing is great. And yes, there are many rivers within a short distance from Auburn. I think ak_powder_monkey is referring to the fact that there is indeed many, many places that are "not to far" (8 hours) as well. I guess when you live in a huge state such as AK an 8 hour drive is nothing! All I can say is after watching the iced up creek by my place for the last couple months, I am ready go after some winter steelhead. Just got a new switch rod and am ready to put it to use.
  12. Well just cause you are ready to go, you should study your regs to make sure you are legal.
  13. Dont worry, I will have that one covered. Some may think you need a law degree when it comes to understanding all the regs in AK. However, I think anyone should make sure and understand them before they fish any waters.
  14. welcome AKfly7. many interesting opportunities here! i get to work up in AK every 3-4 weeks, and i sure enjoy the summers and fall there... but i was up in fairbanks a few weeks back... sure had me missing WA.

    the little grayling is my avatar is from willow creek.
  15. You're going to love figuring out all the different fisheries. Since you're in Auburn you definitely want to drive highway 410 over chinook pass and highway 12 over white pass. The Rivers and streams on the eastern side of the pass offer some great fishing for wild cutties.
  16. Man, Fairbanks is brutal this time of year. Nice grayling, I used to chase those up north quite a bit. Willow Creek is awesome as well, I spend most weekends in the summer/fall fishing the Parks Highway streams. Outstanding fly fishing.
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  17. Sounds good, I will have to check that out. Thanks for the input.
  18. AKFly7,

    Welcome, and after the initial excitement of a new location wears off, get used to disappointment. When it comes to fishing, moving from AK to WA is equivalent to moving from feast to famine. Don't take this wrong; there is good fishing here . . . by WA standards. It's worth noting that lots more folks from WA make fishing trips to AK than Alaskans make to WA to fish. If driving to fish doesn't bother you, that is good because one of the best ways to enjoy fishing in WA is being willing to go wherever the fish are, when they are there. However, on that drive, you're likely to be sharing the road with more WA drivers in one day on one road than you did with Alaskans all year. Adjusting your expectations commensurate with the differences in scale between AK and WA will help you adjust to your new surroundings and opportunities.

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  19. I figured it wouldn't exactly be the same, but hey that what AK airline miles are for. I will be flying up in the fall and plan on staying for at least a week or so each year to hit the Parks and Kenai. I can say, that I love fly fishing and the beauty of each fish I catch - regardless of size, location, ect. I am taking this as a new experience for me to catch new fish in new areas. Looking forward, just need to get ready for this huge move in the next couple of weeks. When you are shipping cars, furniture, ect. 2,380 miles - it is a little stressful to say the least...
  20. i do not envy you AKFly7!! there are few things i hate worse than moving. :/

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