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    Oh Well, (Maybe next year), no good news to report, after getting the (new/used), Madison River reassembled @ my S-i-l's house in Trenton, Alabama, I had this trip almost ready to put into the water. Had everything figured out to the T. with the exception of the 50 degree jump in ambient temperature, which went from a low of heavily covered dew induced 57 degrees @ 5:30 am, to a muggy tropical heat wave that jumped the temperature to 117 degrees by 11:00 am.
    How, you may ask, if I know this to be fact? My brand new 798ci Si HD combo told me so, but I wasn't (paying attention to the facts), clued in on how that temperature jump would/could affect the pressure in the pontoons bladder style tubes. It split @ a (Electronically welded) seam up towards the front of the tube. The rupture was about as wide as my fingernail, & had compromised the double welded portion for a distance of approximately 14/15 inches. I thought I had repaired the split, with a ready peel & stick remedy from a local Walmart. I had peeled open the excess material, exposing the gap that had to be sealed, & applied one patch there, bridging the gap. Then I pinched the excess area shut, & lapped it with another peel & stick path, then followed suit with the whole affected area that I thought would reinforce the whole part of the tube where it seemed that the rupture had begun. The following morning proved me right, the tube had held air from late afternoon, all thru the night, so we loaded it onto my other brother in laws boat, & so I made the trip to Lake Guntersville & we launched both my toon & his boat. They took off to go fishing after I had decided to add some more air to the tubes in order to offset my 240 lbs of weight, as the standing platform was about an inch below the waterline. Ok with the tube on the right, but by the time I got it back around the dock the same tube with the previous leak was losing air quick. I had dropped the sonar transducer into the water, but never even got a chance to look @ it, as my attention was captured by the tube that was steadily dropping in pressure, as I wrestled with the trolling motor to get my craft back to the dock. Control of steering the toon was impeded by my inexperience with the shorter toon, as well as the rapidly deflating tube, acting sluggishly, as I tried to get the toon lined up on the left edge of the loading ramp, which would still allow others to launch/load their boats without any interference from my damaged craft.

    Somewhat sorely vexed, there was no point in calling in the other's, as I didn't want to ruin their time on the water with my run of bad luck, but sure didn't want to sit there in the sun all day, so I bank fished for bass, off of the dock by the boat ramp, & also off of another dock about 150' away that was of a higher elevation. Being really sunny, I wasn't expecting any bites, & sure enough, I didn't even get a nibble.

    LOL, from northern Alabama, I'm signing off for now & will have more to come tomorrow night, as we are going out @ 5 am, come morning.
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    Sorry to hear that. Hey, the up side is the you could have been out on the lake when it blew. Try first sealing the seam with Auqa seal then I would use a repair kit especially made for pontoons. Hey it worth one last try before you replace the toon

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    I absolutely agree, but then I probably won't get "any" fishing time in.

    We got out on the water this morning by 7:15 am, & after watching the other 2 B_I_L's work their magic, I began to see how they were fishing for the whitebass, catfish, crappie, bluegill, & just about anything that swims, in 23' to roughly 30' of the water column. I caught 6/7 little ones, (white bass), then hooked into a 10" crappie. With the electronics, we can see the bigger fish, lying on the bottom, & the other 2 had some really good strikes, but we came home empty handed.