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  1. I have a trip planed for the Alagnak river in early july this year. Any tips on hot flys for sockeye or kings for this river?
  2. Blue and Chartreuse for fresh king and orange and red for kings that have been in the river awhile sorry for my old post I thought it said June not July.. Sockeye I would still bring #1octopus hooks and split shot cause you will be flossing them..
  3. My King experience there is limited to one visit over 15 years ago, I think sometime in the latter part of July. Guide's choice was a simple bunny fly - red rabbit with gold flash. It worked. Andy
  4. QUOTE - I've grown up fishing the Alagnak my dad has been guiding it for the past 25 years.. That time of year you won't need any King flies cause you won't find any Kings until July and for sockeye fishing just bring a bag of red #1 hooks and some split shot cause they don't bite your just flossing them in the mouth.. So are you going on a raft trip of staying at a lodge?

    Way to get the guy pumped for a trip he is obviously looking forward to. Sheesh...
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  5. Its funny, I don't think anyone has mentioned a month other than July in this thread.
    Its been all...
    I'm heading to Alaska in july to fish for kings.

    Too bad, you'll have to wait until July to find kings.

    But it says online that July is the best time.

    I am officially discombobulated.
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  6. I'm going for the guided outdoor experiance & to swat a few mosquitos, other than that I have no real agenda other than to drink beer
  7. Pat, I totally read that post wrong. Thought he wouldn't need King flies as he wouldn't find Kings "in" July. That's what I get for not sleeping the night before...
  8. Speaking of the Alagnak...whatever happened to Tony Sarp?
  9. BDD just talked to him last week so he's still around.
  10. BDD, I like to tie some pink or other fluorescent colored marabou on a bare red hook so that I can track the fly in clear water. It makes flossing a lot easier, even though it's mostly a feel thing. As for king flies, think steelhead for the most part. Last summer when the water got super low I was all the way down to #4 flies like the Skykomish Sunrise, but mostly bigger intruder style flies in orange, chartreuse, blue, black and every combination in between. Make sure you have a variety of weights in each fly.

  11. As mentioned before early July is going to be the very beginning of the King season most years on the alagnak. My clients did best with large marabou type flies or intruders. Big profile seemed to help, chartreuse and Siler, and orange and gold seemed to be most productive. I recommend really fast sink tips for the Kings, and heavily weighted flies. I usually found them in the deepest fastest parts of runs on the outside of the corners.

    For sockeye, you will be flossing. I have been to rivers where the sockeye chase flies, but I have never seen it on the alagnak. So I would recommend the flossing program. As was mentioned, bare red hooks, or better yet sparse bonefish type flies in neon colors make tracking the fly easier, and keep the flies at the right level.

    In July the grayling and rainbow fishing can be really good. Pounding the side channels with mouse patterns was a lot of fun when I had the chances to do it, but when I was sent to the alagnak it was usually for salmon so I don't have much experience with that on that river specifically.
  12. Also it is worth taking a few wire leaders and some medium sized Dahl berg divers and weedless streamers for pike fishing. If the salmon haven't arrived yet or if the netting schedule leaves the river empty, pulling off into some of the lagoons and sloughs that connect to the main river can be a lot of fun, especially if it is a late spring and the water is still cool. I had a blast with clients doing "grand slams": king, sockeye, char, grayling, trout and pike in one day. Not easy, but if you had clients that were into it, it is totally doable if the conditions were right.
  13. I may have talked to him, but I'm sure he'd rather talk to you.

    I'd really like to fish that river some day.
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  14. Sorry I looked and the post wrong thought it said June not July

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