Alaska Mary Ann

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  1. I did a search and found not much, but forgive me if this is old ground. Can someone post a recipe for an Alaska Mary Ann? A picture wouldn't hurt either. I've seen one, and it's been awhile, but I think I could get it from a recipe. I know she should have jungle-cock cheeks. My big questions are does she have a collar, a throat, or neither?
  2. The most commonly tied version of the Alaska Maryann around here is basically a typical Northwest steelhead style pattern:
    Tail: red hackle fibers
    Tag and Rib: silver tinsel
    Body: white (or cream) chenille
    Hackle: white
    Wing: polar bear hair
    Shoulders: eyed jungle cock feathers

    Frank Dufresne's original was an interpretation of a carved ivory lure with inlaid black eyes used in Alaska's Kobuk region and known as the Kobuk Hook.
    His interpretation was tied more like an eastern streamer pattern. A.J. McClane's version was tied on a 4 or 6X long hook as follows:
    Tail: red hackle fibers
    Rib: silver tinsel
    Body: Cream-colored floss
    Head: black with a painted white eye with a black pupil
    I tie mine with cream-colored wool which is much more durable than floss and a stick-on eye which is then coated with a couple of layers of Softex. It's a very effective bull trout pattern.
  3. The only pattern i have seen for it is
    tail - red hackle barbs
    body- white chenille ribbed with flat silver tinsel
    wing - white calf hair or equivalent
    cheeks - optional, jungle cock

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