Alaska trip (Yakutat region), August 08

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    A buddy of mine from work and his father take a trip (or two) to Alaska every summer, flying their own plane, going low budget. This year, I got to go along. Trip was the last week of August. We flew up from Seattle, stopped in Sitka for the night, then flew to Yakutat the following morning. Fishing by noon. The first half of the week was cloudy and windy with good fishing. It lightened up the end of the week and the bite really dropped off. We split our days roughly 50/50 between the estuary of the East Alsec river (we stayed in the East Alsec forest service cabin) and the Tsiu river (on days when they weren't netting). As we had no refridgeration the trip was mostly catch-and-release, with one fish kept for dinner. I'll Let the pictures tell most of the tale (some liberties were taken with image selection for narrative purposes).

    This plane

    flew us to this cabin

    where we started fishing the East Alsec river.

    On the second cast it was "Fish on,"

    leading to my first Alaska silver.

    On several days we flew up to the Tsiu river. This flight took us right past Mt. St. Elias

    Fishing in the Tsiu was more river than the East Alsec estuary - Just about a cast across.

    The results were similar,

    with some small fish,

    and some larger.

    All were tasty!

    There was some wildlife viewing.

    And some late night activity.

    I was slightly under-gunned (having lent my 8wt to one of the other guys who broke his rod on the first day), but my Dancraft FT 6wt made it through.

    All in all an awesome adventure. I hope I get the chance to do it again one day.

    Rob Ast
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    Great report Rob. Thanks for all the pics, they are the best part anyway. I love AK. I also think you can fish just about anything up there with a DC FT 6wt. That is what I built for my trip.
    Again, amazing pics, looks like a great time! Thanks for sharing.
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    I want an airplane so I can do stuff like that
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    Nice report. I know a guy who goes to Yakutat every year to fish. He loves it!