Albacore - Monday, many miles out from Buoy 10

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Chris Scoones, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Took a charter out from Hammond on Monday with some friends going after albacore. It was a hell of a day as we were into a school for over 2 hours, just drifting. At times we had 7 rods tugging on fish, dancing the deck to keep the lines uncrossed.

    When the gear is out and fish are on, the school is everywhere around the boat. One of those times I parked the gear rod and started tossing the 14wt. Took me a while to realize my best effort stripping one handed wasn't even close. Once I started the two handed hyper-retrieves it wasn't long until I had one on.

    I had barrowed Jim Mercier's (Fetha Styx) 9' 14wt and Billy Pate Marlin. I can't recall the exact grain of the line but it was around 740 and matched up well with the rod and depth needed. Compared with the two speed Avet LX 6/3 reel (Excellent itself) on the gear rod, that Marlin was without a doubt a step above.

    Not sure why the sharks left us alone for so long, but I'm glad they did as it was a great day of constant action with those tuna. The added bonus is that I'm bbq'ing albacore wrapped in bacon tonight, after having tuna fish sandwiches today. :thumb:

    Tight lines.
  2. That is so killer, amazing pics, great work.
  3. Hi Chris

    nice pics...sounds like a blast....just curious from viewing the pic's...what was on the rod cork grips....looked like blue painters tape. ?????
  4. Grip tape, like you would use on a bat.
  5. Whats the reason for it, is a bigger rod just alot harder to hold onto with all the ablie slime and such? Or did u want to build up the grip to get a better fit to your hand?
  6. It's because he wants to look tough.

  7. Interesting....I have never heard or seen that before......You learn something on this board from time to time. Thanks Chris
  8. It's only on there for grip. Given the conditions, with multiple fish coming aboard you can get coated in blood and slime pretty quick. It's not my rod, I didn't choose to put it on, but I guess I like it for the application.
  9. Good on ya, Chris...

    Glad to see you getting out for a different kind of adventure...and that bacon-wrapped albacore sounds way beyond great!

  10. To quote our friend Homer Simpson
    "Bacon wrapped albacore...ummmmmmmmmm"


  11. Sweet! I'm drooling. That was good stuff we had last year at the WFF BBQ!
  12. Excellent adventure Chris! glad you were able to finally get out with that awesome Fetha Styx. How far out?
  13. 50 miles, +/-
  14. Mike, are you really a Pastafarian?

    Have you too been touched by His Noodly Appendage?

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  15. Kent,

    I am offended. How could you masquerade around as a believer in such nonsense? What do you think the man upstairs will think on judgment day when He finds out that you have been the voice and vehicle of such ridiculous sacrilige (sp)? You should be ashamed of yourself, you blaspheming scoundrel. Naw, just kidding. I will be starting my own FSM worship group as soon as I can round up some pirate regalia. That was some funny Shtuff!! Thanks for the laugh.

    P.S. I would have squirted Rockstar out my nose, but my overwhelming sub-conscious self control alarm reminded me how bad carbonation feels in the nasal passages. Or was it His divine pastariffic intervention? :rofl:

    - Gabe
  16. whoa, never seen water so blue in washington, guess thats what 50 miles gets you. Great job, I have tuna envy right now!
  17. aha! i have the name of the vessel, now i just need to load up on gas, get down there and ride her transom all the way to tuna heaven!

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