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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Anil, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Anil

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    Another report from our website:
    Illwaco - September 7th, 2005
    RECORDED: 68 ° FISHING: Excellent

    Pacific Albacore are amazing animals. Not only beautiful they are undoubtedly the strongest fighting fish in our state. Capable of pulling off over one hundred yards of backing in seconds, this fish will make you fight for every inch you gain back.

    On this trip we fished with a fantastic charter company from Hammond Oregon (on the southern side of the Columbia River). Traveling 50+ miles offshore, the tuna were plentiful and willing. After hooking a fish on a trolled jig, Captain Chuck, would work hard to keep the hooked fish near the transom while Mike( the deckhand) would toss live anchovies over. The combination of the struggling hooked fish and the anchovies would draw other fish. Your job is to put your fly in the water now!

    This was our second Albacore trip. We were very pleased that every fly angler on board boated a fish! Like most fishing trips you are trying to catch as many fish as possible, with Albacore ‘more’ is great but one can be more than enough.

    Rod: 12 weight Crosscurrent GLX

    Reel: Tibor Riptide

    Line: Rio Deep Sea 500

    Fly: Shock & Awe (green over white)

    Check out our gallery for pictures.
  2. East Fork

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    Anil, how much was a seat on the charter?

    Did you share the boat with with guys using conventional gear?
  3. Anil

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    We booked two ‘fly only’ trips this year. The first one was $200 for a one day excursion, this weekend we will be overnighting it for $250.
    It will cost more next year due to the increased fuel costs. I would not recommend attempting to tag along on a standard albacore trip. Your captain and companions should be very aware of what you are trying to do.
    If you are interested we will be running trips again next September.
  4. espja

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    Anil, that's it. I'm divorcing my wife and abandoning my daughter and going with you next time.
    Congratulations on a successful trip! That is some cool shit!
  5. Surf_Candy

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    so sweet! count me in for next year!

  6. Willie Bodger

    Willie Bodger Still, nothing clever to say...

    That sounds awesome. However... Do you have rods for folks to use, or would I have to come up with a 12-13 wt rod and a $600 reel?

  7. East Fork

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    I can't guarantee I can go a year in advance, but I'd really appreciate it if you would put me on your list of guys to call when you are trying to fill the boat:

    Don Houck
  8. Jason Baker

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    The answer is yes. Unless you have a buddy hook you up! Guys are usually willing to share the heavy artillery if you agree to pay if the rod breaks. This is one of those "If you wanna play, you gotta pay" things in life.....
  9. Willie Bodger

    Willie Bodger Still, nothing clever to say...

    Yeah, that's what I figured... So, who's got a 12 -13 wt rod and a nice reel I can borrow next September...? ;)

  10. Zen Piscator

    Zen Piscator Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.

    I would love to take a trip out for those guys, if i can round the money up i think I will contact you.