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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Trout Master, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. "I did not see anything wrong with that individuals fishing activity" Exactly you didnt see anything wrong.
  2. B Man, is datt knuckles in yous head?
  3. Maybe one of our more eloquent members can clearly state for Big Man, and remind the rest of us, how fishing for trout using catch and release tactics, is still potentially harmful for fish when the water temps are 68 to 70 degrees or higher. Maybe legal, and Trout Master never questioned the legality of the fishing, but without regard for the resource. Catching fish in an environment where catching them and stressing them to a greater risk of mortality is not a great idea. Just my viewpoint, seems I'm not the only one though.
  4. I agree with Mr. M....
    Legal does not mean ethical.
    Ask Nixon, if he was alive.
  5. I don't know, the snagging-poaching-littering-tweaking-carprowl fest on Western Washington's rivers is much worse, I think. Anybody that doesn't fish exactly like I want them to should be drafted and sent to fight in Afpoachistan, bring all troops home, then let the war go on forever, no loss.
  6. They removed my comments and threatened to ban me when I called a bass angler out for sneaking in to a well known lake the day before it opened, C &Ring some LM Bass, and even posting pictures. He then said "Oops it was a mistake."
    I said I found it incomprehensible that anyone who was familiar with that lake and who represented himself as an experienced bass angler could make that kind of mistake. I dished out a short rant about reading up on the regs.
    All his cronies jumped on me and called me a tool.
    I haven't been back to that site since. No hits for them from me! As far as I'm concerned, that site no longer exists!
  7. What makes somebodys opinion on this site about a fishery more important or right then somebody elses? Why are those who keep their catch made out to be someone who doesn't care about the resource? I know several biologists who work for the state and feds and they catch and eat hundreds of fish every year, no matter if there salmon, bass, trout, etc, does that mean they don't care about the resoruce? Do only those who C&R care about the resource? Does simply not C&R'in imply that you don't care about the resource? Just because you believe that you shouldn't C&R in warmer water doesn't mean that you need to bash another fishermen for doing so, since when are your opinions/beliefs more important then others?
  8. Big Man, my opinion is that when it is too hot to safely release fish then you should not be fishing catch and release. I have no formal education on fish physiology, and as such I have relied upon input from many members here who are, or claim to be, educated in this regard. Since I'm a simple guy I can't possibly know everything or learn everything first hand. I trust in those that seem to know and seem to have a reason to believe that when it is too hot at the water's surface the fish are at greater risk. I'm not trying to get into a pissing contest. If they are catch and keep, and that is legal, awesome. If they are catch and release and as such are increasing the likely mortality of released fish, not awesome. Again my opinion based on me standing on the shoulders of those that seem to know their stuff pretty well, nothing more.

    By some guy with a PHD, that could be a post hole digger, but I'm pretty sure it is a degree or certification of some sort.
    http://www.vermillionriverwatershed...6 Trout Thermal Impacts Literature Review.pdf
    Page 9 clearly states that mortality is HIGH in brown trout at 20*C (68*F) and mortality is COMPLETE at 25*C (77*F).

    I don't know who Tom Chandler is, but he seems to know what he's talking about and has a solid following.
    He states pretty clearly that 68*F is the top of the temp scale, above that mortality increases and by 75*F mortality is typically fatal for trout. He even sites a guide, another bloke I don't know, but a guide is generally considered a fishing professional. That guide says he stops fishing when the temps hit 65*F because he's seen increased mortality (guides should know, they seem to get into fish for a living).

    Your experience is probably far greater than mine. Again catch and keep is not really temp dependant if the fish are to be harvested anyway. For catch and release, if you have a better story or system I'm eager to read all about it.
  9. Mr Mumbles, you hit it right on the head. If it is a catch and keep lake go for it. But if it is a QUALITY water c&r lake please dont in the warmer temps. Why do you think you dont see the reports on here for Lenice and Nunnally and other lakes in the middle of the summer? Because most fisherers know to stay away from these waters when it is hot.
  10. Then why don't you suggest to WDFW that these waters be closed in the summer??????
  11. To close waters in hot weather would imply
    that you can predict the weather.

    Just use common sense on C & R Lakes.
  12. Well the last time I checked summer = hot weather
    So why not close the waters in the summer???
  13. You know, I've wondered the same thing. The trout mortality issue is a real concern. Letting fish die like that is not only stupid waste of a resource, it's also a waste of tax dollars. Of course, I'm also of the mind that put and take lakes are there for a reason--you kill, you eat.
  14. Warm water fisheries for spiny rays are pretty popular and gaining a lot of traction around here. Also, what's wrong with fishing for hatchery trout in warm water if you plan on bonking them? The only people doing any damage are the ones who cnr 50 fish per day. A no cnr rule in the summer would make more sense.
  15. The thread was about Chopaka, not a put and take lake.

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