All good things must pass

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  1. I think the fat lady is clearing her throat. After a sold month of catching a coho on every trip and usually coming home with a limit the striped kitty followed me to the beach today. Had on one briefly and a follow and that was it. Very, very slow. Surface activity was nil. Looked like a desert. I will be on the beach for the next two days and then calling it quits. It's been a great year. My best ever with 37 coho to hand. Would love to round it up to 40. We will see, but after today I'm not too optimistic. Either way it was a year to remember.
  2. You've had a very good season for sure. I still think there are more fish coming. I hope they trickle in due to the lack of rain.
    The latest I've caught them off the has been the third week of October. Still lots of fish being taken up in the straits based on the latest numbers. These numbers should be updated soon so we can see if there has been a drop off in the catch rates since the 23rd.
  3. It's far from over. The hatchery silver horde wave has mostly passed through, but the wild coho will be prowling the beaches well into October.
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  4. 37 fish. You've got to be kidding me. Now I realize why I haven't caught any all month--You've been catching them all for me.

    I think you're right though. You should probably fish 2 more days and then stop. It's probably just going to be disappointing for you from here on out. while you're at it, go ahead and tell me what beach you've been fishing, when, what tide, and what fly you've been using. I'll head out that way and pick up the slack! :D
  5. Oh man I hope it's not over! I've had my best season ever too (not saying much since it's only my 2nd season and I caught 0 last year) but I'd really like abit longer please. :D I'm hoping it's just been a temporary lul before a bunch of big wild fish charge through!
  6. What does one do with 37 silvers???
  7. Eat them
    Eat them. Nothing is going to waste. Friends and family are happy too. Not to worry. All be two were hatchery fish.
  8. Wow, that's impressive! I seriously need to get out and spend some more time on the beach while they're still around
  9. The season for coho in the salt should be pushing through October. They came in really late this year and the end of their run should end late too. Still plenty of time to hook more because people are still catching them up at Neah Bay.
  10. We need rain.
  11. It's trying to rain here right now.
  12. You've been killing the coho brats, have one slow day and you're through? Man, you get spoiled quick but I can understand it. Congrats on having a great late summer.
  13. A little rain, yes.
    A lot of rain, no thanks. It will be over pretty quickly for the most part if that happens.
  14. Oh so true!!!!
  15. DimeBrite is correct.... One issue right now is that the commercial boys are taking advantage of the good #'s of fish right now. Those lingering pods many of us have been finding are getting snapped up by some late night purse seiners. Keep at it!!! You might just have to get more creative in your fishing locations. Stop beating the same old beach.......
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  16. Still a few out there ;)


    It does seem like there are fewer fish but they seem to be getting bigger. I also hear about more big fish lately. I think DB is right that we're just not seeing these huge schools of hatchery fish so the catch rate is down some.
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  17. Nice work Matt.
  18. Nice fish!
    Thinking about getting out on the westside of the Sound this weekend. I was thinking Southworth, since I can avoid much driving or a more expensive ferry ticket that way (just walking on).
    Any thoughts on whether Southworth would be more worth my time--as opposed to sticking around Lincoln park.
    Or should I just pony up and drive my ass out somewhere?

  19. Nice Matt! I'll be heading that way in an hour or so. Hope you left one for me.
  20. Anyone else notice that your fish looks like it's smiling? You must have hit it really hard.

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