All I need now is a Steelhead

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by wboles3, Dec 4, 2005.

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    I just purchased a Redington RS3 14' spey rod, a Lamson Velocity IV reel, and Rio Skagit Line. I went on a float yesterday, Skykomish, with Clark from Puget Sound Fly Co. and several other fine gentlemen. I had a great time learning the differant spey casts. I certainlty going to implement some of them with the single hand rod in the future. The water was in great condition. The only thing missing were the fish. Oh well, it was a beautiful day just the same. Attached are some variations of the same fly I hope will be effective. As well as the start of my steelhead selection, some tied by me and some purchased.

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    hey all look good to me....congrats.
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    Flies look good. Really like the spey flies. Now you just have to put some time in on a river.
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    join the club and get in line!!
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    That S.H. Caddis with the flash and orange rubber legs looks familiar... :thumb:
  6. John Hicks Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits

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    Nice flies. Wow man I am so there with you on the steelhead. I just was talking with my Dad about his first steelhead. My dad was 16 and had been steelheading with my Uncle Larry for two years. It seams that my uncle Larry had enjoyed watching my Dad figure out the subtle intricacies of steelhead fishing. Well, one day my dad ran into a grizzly old guy on the river that told him something that would forever change his life as far as steelheading.

    He said
    "Tonight, go home and say a prayer to the steelhead gods. Ask them to allow you the opportunity to meet one of them? Tell them how much you revere them, and promise them you will treat them with the utmost love and respect."
    Then the old gentleman said.
    "Tomorrow, when you come out on the river I want you to....."

    Now if anyone on this board knows how to finish this line let me know. My Dad ended his story there. It seems that he wants me to meet some grizzley old man on the river to find out the answer. He told me that you have to really search for the Wool wearin', silk line using old guy. Spend countless hours searching for him, always looking just around that next bend in the river. Making sure to fish every inch of water until you find him, or he finds you.

    Hmmmm, I wonder what he was talking about? :D