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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by David Dalan, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. DIY heavy beads (glass). $6 total. Time to Czech them out on the local waters. Thanks Mr. Walmart.

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  2. David,

    Niiicee!!! Pretty cool of you to share your discovery.… Quick question.. Have you fished glass beads much, and how durable are those beads when you make one of those errant back casts? I'd hate to think that it'll just explode and leave you fishing a half made fly, or a beadless bead rig...

    Tight lines

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  3. +1^ One bad backcast, game over. I see someone swapping alot of beads out in an outing.

  4. I had no trouble with these at all. I actually fish a section of water under a bridge, and I cast (intentionally) into one of the concrete piers of the bridge. Bead (or flies, I don't fish beads all the time) goes "smack" on the bridge. This gets me into the trough along the pier. Probably threw off some paint, but I fished one big pink one the whole afternoon and had no issues. While the bead inside may be glass, I think it is coated with ceramic. Sinks like a stone.

    I fish without an indicator, so I'm rolling in the rocks the whole time as well.

    If I smack them around on my desk with Hevi and Trout beads, there does not seem to be any difference in impact durability. I'm sure they will break sooner or later and the plastic Trout beads are probably more durable from repeated impacts.
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  5. those would make a beautiful necklace
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  6. Great to hear. Im visiting Walmart. I can use those for my egg sucking leaches.

  7. Nope.

  8. I knew it won't take long for someone to chime in and say something like this..;)
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  9. Just pin an orange one 1" above a black wooly bugger. Win!
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  10. Ever try pinning one 1" below a tube leach or bugger equivalent?

  11. No, but that sounds like a hell of an idea too :)
  12. I only say no cause then it would be a beadsucking leach, duh. :) You might have to make a slot or drill them out to get them on a hook or tube

  13. Good thinking Pat. I did stay up late last night "borrowing" a couple from my daughter's stash and figuring out how to slide the darn thing onto the hook. Those things don't drill or cut at all.. I ended up cutting the hook altogether so I can slide it in and tie it with a stinger/trailer hook.
  14. oops double post
  15. I trailed one about 10" behind a tube leech this week and got a grab... couldn't believe it. It was a Hevi Bead. And I have had one break on me. Love how they quickly they sink tho!
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  16. bump
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