"All" there is to know about flyfishing for steelhead!!

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by mcoomer, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. "All" there is to know about flyfishing for steelhead!!

    Add these to your list:

    1. Keep a positive/optimistic outlook.
    2. Resolve (You will catch a steehead if you keep at it.)
    3. Have a willingness to learn, and don't be afraid to ask more experienced anglers for advice (I think that you have got this covered.).
  2. Add just one bit to Hal's post above. YOU CAN SPEY CAST, and quite easily, with a single hander rod. A few are less than handy (Snake roll as an example) but most are easy as 'pie.' For context, all the 'new rage' are the shorter 'switch rods' (usually 11 to 12.5 foot) and all they are is a long single hander with an extended butt below the reel.

    The rod doesn't know, the rod doesn't care.

  3. "All" there is to know about flyfishing for steelhead!!

    Guys guys guys. Just a word of advice. If by chance you do a search for something. BEFORE you post, look at the date of the post. This post is over 6 years old. Nothing wrong with searching the site, that's what it's for. But realize that the person who may have been posting this (or even some of the people responding to it) no longer come here, or may be banned/parked. :)
  4. "All" there is to know about flyfishing for steelhead!!

    More time spent fishing, equals more fish caught. :)
  5. "All" there is to know about flyfishing for steelhead!!

    Good catch Jerry, good catch. Save for it was SIX YEARS from the original post to the first reply; how odd?
  6. What I said 6 years ago in 2005 still applies, but I use my p;d single hand steelhead and salmon fly rods for bass fishing now, poppers most of the time. Even use the speyr for big river smallmouth swinging nymphs and streamers the last five years. The body is a lot less tired than trying to cast a single hander all day on a big windy river.

    Steelhead, true, you need to find them when they are there, then they can be easy to catch.
  7. "What good is a Type X designation if it doesn't correlate to anything?".....now you are on to something. Rio's ratings are shit.
  8. Don't fish on clear days in the middle of the afternoon...... BS. I've caught as many steelhead at 2:00pm with no cloud cover, sun right in their eyes, and air temperatures in the 90's, as I have in the mornings and evenings. I suppose this has to do with the fact that I fish regardless, rather than sitting out the mid-days. In other words, the best steelhead fishing method is to fish.
  9. Have to agree PH, save for one river ... the North Umpqua. Odd water in the fly only section. That part of the river, until you hit 'Camp Water' runs east/west so it gets full sun and the fish just aren't interested. Now just above CW, the river makes a 90 degree turn to the right, and into canyon water. Three'ish hours a day of direct sun, then in the shade. OH YA BABY! if you're fishing 'Surveyor' and up.

    Even with a spey rod it's very short casts, but that type of rod (or a 'switch,' which I'd suggest from here on up) keeps you out of the trees behind you. but Lordie is this great water to swing/nymph.

  10. My 16 pounder this year from the N. umpqua came in clear direct sun light around the Narrows. But, other than that, you're right ;} Some rivers are definatley more finicky about different factors than others. That's steelheading. You can't just throw a prince nymph at them on giving river like you can for trout, becuase they have unique behavior for any given river they inhabit.
  11. Philster, good to see you're back...I've missed your incisive & scientific problem solving approach to these kinds of issues - absent the customary emotional hyperbole and the slam-banging back & forth trash talking so, uhm, well, common these days!:thumb:


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