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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jordan Simpson, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Jordan Simpson Active Member

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    Hey, I just wanted to share my excitement on purchasing a new Allen Alpha II in the aquarmarine colour. I like supporting this company as it is a sponsor of this site, and from my dealings with Evan and all the great reviews, I am excited to give it a go on some Hawaiian bones in 3 weeks!

    Has anyone else used these Alpha II's?
  2. Dustin Bise Active Member

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    I use an Alpha II it is awesome. it makes me feel happy, becuz in addition to being a good functioning reel, it also just has awesome style.
  3. Dustin Bise Active Member

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    I threw the logo on a picture a while back and sent it off to Evan in case they ever wanted to use it.

  4. constructeur Active Member

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    I heard the Allen guys don't even fish!

    Sunshine and BoNeRfIsH!!

  5. Westfork Member

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    Nice pic.
  6. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    Everyone knows I don't fish!
  7. Camo Clad Warrior Member

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    What the Allen crew does is easier decribed as "catching." I also heard the entire Allen crew is selected at birth because they are actually fishing super heroes. I am not sold on the idea but its what I heard from a guy who said he knew one of the allen crew. ;)
  8. JesseC Active Member

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    Guess I have had bad luck. Bought the original alpha and it blew up on me after one fish - about 6 follow up emails later I got a new reel in the mail. Now that reel is starting to free spool in the same way. I chucked it and am now on my second trip with an Echo reel.

    I've heard they have gotten a lot better on multiple fronts both with quality and customer service. I'll give it another shot when I start hearing some good reviews down the line.

    Can't beat the price.
  9. Jordan Simpson Active Member

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    Hhhmmmm, maybe I will give it a test run on some smaller bones in Hi'Kai blind casting before I take it out on Triangle or K'Bay and specifically target trophies. I've heard mostly good things and the price is right so I thought I'd give them a go. If they can handle some trophy bones, then I will probs make them my new-er preferred brand based on price and performance....but we will see! Here goes!
  10. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    The original alpha series was from before I came on board the company. A lot has changed in the components on both the Alpha series and Trout series reels, and since we've put the redesigned ones up for sale, we've had only two reels (out of all our models, and several hundred sold) have issues. The only issue we've seen on them is a very quick, easy fix by the customer too. Shoot me an email, Jordan, I'll give you the rundown.
  11. Builder Member

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    I have an early Alpha that had a drag problem. I sent it to Evan, he fixed it and had it back to me in a week.
  12. Islander Steve

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    That's because fishing with beads isn't real fishing. :rofl:
    Great photo.
  13. AllenFlyFishing Allen Fly Fishing

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    Jesse, sent you a PM. Thanks -Justin

  14. Jordan Simpson Active Member

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    Well, I finally received my Alpha II in the 9/10wt recently and I will say I am quite impressed with the workmanship and feel of the reel considering it's price point.
    There was a slight mix up with product but after shooting the Allen guys an email, I was replied to quickly that same day and was in constant contact with Justin, Gavin, and Evan Burck and I can honestly say that the customer service was more than stellar and top notch. I haven't ever really had to deal with companies directly as my local shop usually covers things (replacements, warranties, etc.), but if I ever did, I would only hope that they all handle things as well as the Allen guys do.
    Even with the mix up of product and my trip to Hawai'i coming up on Monday, they rushed/expressed the correct product to my door (I live up in Canada, their operation is out of Southlake, Texas) within three days, and even offered to let me keep the product they had accidently sent to me- more than what I could've asked for.

    I would never hesitate to order from them again and can recommend them to friends knowing that they will be taken care of with excellent customer service.


    Note: The only thing I would recommend is to open up the reel and lube/grease the working parts a little more. The reel is super smooth out of the box, but I'm a stickler when it comes to "buttery smooth" and I like to play it on the safe side. Instructions on how to do this are their website and it really isn't hard.
  15. Breck Active Member

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    Just received my Alpha II 7/8 in the mail. Haven't used it yet, but it feels great on the Allen Xa 10', 8-weight rod that I bought with it.
  16. Brian Miller Be vewy vewy qwiet, I'm hunting Cutthwoat Twout

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    Me too. The freespool problems were fixed after a couple of tries. I think the drag problem in mine are if the drag cover screw loosens even a tiny bit the clicker bearing can work it's way out and jam. I tried to get upgrades and offered an upcharge but it didn't work out. Since then I hear that the clicker bearing can be pulled to solve the jamming. Need to try that before a trip in a couple of weeks.

    Mine get the leader caught between the frame to spool when I loop around the reel to hook my fly on a guide. Haven't had that happen with a RLS or my Ross reels. Are the tolerances tighter on the next gen and the II?
  17. laivindil Member

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    Does anyone have a review/report they could post? I'm considering this reel to replace an out-of-production 8/9 reel for Coho and would love to know how it performs.
  18. Kcahill Active Member

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    I have one, it reels in fish I catch. Not sure what else to say, I have never cleaned it, taken it apart, lubed it, stroked it, or made love to it and it still reels in fish.

    Plus I think they are on sale right now for like 150 bucks, thats cheaper than a night out with a fancy hooker depending what state you are in.

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  19. Drifter Active Member

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    Have they put a quick release spool in yet? or are they still screw on and off - just wondering, I've never had a reel without a quick release button or pin and was looking at one of these Allens for my daughter but want a quick release spool.
  20. lenio8403 New Member

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    Taking down negative review. I do not want anyone to think Tom wrote this. I was more disappointed than him as I already had to replace mine due to issues