Allen fly boxes - any feedback?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by bigdood, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. So I need to pick up a couple fly boxes so the lady can stop stealing my stuff and start her own fly collection! Anybody used the Allen boxes? They look similar to the Scientific Anglers and other boxes on the market, I'm assuming the Allen's are likely out of the same factory just w/o the fancy logos? Have they fixed their shipping/inventory issues so what you order is what you'll get and in a reasonabl timeframe?

    (also if this is the wrong forum lemme know and I'll delete/move, didn't seem to be a specific product question forum)
  2. I was hoping to see them at the fly show in Lynnwood, but they didn't have any there. I'd be curious to hear reports, too.
  3. I've had an AB002 loaded for trout with one side wets and the other dries for at least a couple seasons now. Good box, great value.

    I think the glue on one or two of the foam strips started to release a little when it overheated in direct sun, so they kinda curved a little. I think I was drying flies or something and forgot about it. Would be an easy fix if it bothered me enough to do it.
  4. in a nutshell they're a great value for me. the larger ones, at least, don't have a strong will to stay shut, so if you have any big flies in there making it a tight fit, it's going to flop open when you don't want it to.
  5. Thanks, that's the style I was looking at, and a little adhesive issue is an easy enough fix for me should I ever have that prob.
  6. They are great. I have the guide box for steelie flies. Holds a ton and great quality.

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  7. I have the same model as well and the same issue with a few of the foam strips. I spoke to Justin at the fly fishing show and he told me to send him an email and he'll send me a replacement. Other than this issue, I like the box a lot. Nice to be able to see through the lid.
  8. I have four of them. I really like them. I guess you could say I have two of the medium ones and two of the smaller ones.. I used to carry around 7 fly boxes and now all I need are these four. The clear lids let you see what is in them and now I'm getting used to them and don't have to fumble around to see what is in where.

    Did I say I liked them.
  9. Great value period! I have a few now and I've used them in the tropical salt, for steel on rivers wading, for trout on rivers in a boat and I've used them crammed into my boat bag out of my pram. I have also occasionally experienced the not staying closed thing but I think that is more operator error. I don't imagine you will be disappointed.
  10. The only thing I didn't like about the several that I have was watching one float down the river an not being able to get it back...
  11. The only knit I can pick with the Allen boxes is the Allen logo printed across the center of the viewing area. As a guy schooled in product development I would have put the logo on the opaque section of the lid where it would show up better and not interfere with viewing the flies.

    Other than that they offer a lot of bang for the buck.

  12. i won one at a raffle with a dozen chironies inside. looks nice and should hold about 100 small flies. i dont like to pay much for fly boxes but this was nice. will know more bout them in a month or so. mike w

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