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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by AllenFlyFishing, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    +1 Justin's a stand up guy. He's been busy with getting married and wedding prep, so has had life to deal with and may have had less than perfect situations arise with shipping, communication, etc. But I know he's not about to screw anyone over. If he thinks he even slightly inconvenienced someone, he always does ten times more than he should to make up for it.

    He has a new saltwater reel he's working on, and sent me one in an 8wt size to try in Cabo at no charge. The reel held up perfectly against numerous relentless skipjack that sent the thing screaming. Can't say that about many reels that are in its price range.
  2. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Justin, other respected members of the forum and lurkers that don't deserve to see this, I am sorry.

    Jed, you are a flipping douche foolery wing nut with ego issues, unacceptable social skills and horribly misplaced sense of self worth. Today is twenty days after you placed your order. Normally receiving your goods in that amount of time should be acceptable, but apparently not in your I'm the center of the known universe philosophy. A number of folks have asked you to take your complaints to the source. Perhaps you should use your skilled lexicon to look up the basics of conflict resolution. Let me tip you in on step one of interpersonal conflict the source. Allen Fly Fishing is doing a pretty damn good job getting affordable and reliable gear into the hands of those that want and deserve it. Allen Fly Fishing is the source, his website is easy to find, he is a sponsor here. Click there and you'll get his phone number and you can dial it up on your universe centric cellular device using your holier than thou hands free apparatus and talk it out. If you don't get a resolution there then deal through your payment go between, paypal. To register here to bash someone just to prove to the world what a prick you are is hilarious. Many members here have said it in various terms. He has addressed his shipment receipt issue and told you. He then shipped the reel and you did not get it fast enough. Maybe you should take some responsibility for the situation and have ordered your reel sooner so that your unrealistic expectations could better be met. Dude, the guy even dealt with your unhappy ass right up to the day he got married for goodness sake. Nut up and apologize for dragging him into the mud on your low life level. Send his reel back because you've bitched about foolish things to leverage yourself to a free reel. Cancel your membership here and everywhere else in the Interweb world where you get immediate gratification from outing someone and doing your laundry in public. You disgust me and are not socially fit for any forum of social conversation at any level. Good bye, crawl back into your Internet cave where the world and all known things revolve around you and your woefully mis-calibrated expectations and leave the respectable people around here alone.
  3. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Justin, I just got my hands on a slightly used Alpha 9/10 and spare spool. Thank you for its production and price point. I just packed my things for a fishing trip and found that of all the items, at least a half dozen are from you. My trip will be greatly enhanced by the quality of your items and the value they bring to my gear. Thank you. Ed
  4. Mark Speer It's all good.....

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    You took the words right out of my mouth my friend! :thumb:
  5. Rich Morrison Member

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    Oddly enough I too am getting my things together for a trip that begins tomorrow. I find I'm taking four reels, two spare spools, and a couple of fly boxes all of top notch quality and all of which I paid a VERY reasonable amount of money for. Cheers Justin.

    I will be fishing with a good friend who is "in the industry" as well as attending an equipment swap meet in Redding, CA. You can rest assured some new folks will (if you'll forgive the expression) get a hands on look at your equipment.
  6. Jim Riggins Member

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    Ed,I knew there was a reason I liked you, you bastard, that was awesome. Nice to see that all of us will come together when we have to! Are you feelin the love Justin- you should about now. That fool probably bonks wild fish also. OK I'm done.
  7. John Wallace Active Member

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    All I've gotten so far is a line but I've e-mailed and called and talk to Justin at else 5 to 6 times. I've asked him if he was thinking about a certain type of reel. It should be coming out down the road. I can't wait and hope I'm one of the first. I love his lines. I'm going back to glass rods and can't wait till he gets some. I will try one for sure. Justin keep up the great work. Don't forget you can't please everyone!!! Thanks for the great customer service!
  8. Teats875 New Member

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    Is this fly box enough big for big pike flies ?? (6-8 inches bunnies and poppers)
  9. Nick Clayton Active Member

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    I have made 2 orders from Justin for some lines, his hook files, several fly boxes, stripping basket, and both his backpack/vest and backpack/chest pack. The first order took a bit longer because he was waiting for the chespacks to come in, and the second order took quite a while because there was a goof through Paypal. Both times Justin responded immediately to my emails, and more than corrected the situation. If i was dealing with a huge company and paying huge retail prices I may have been mildly irked at the minor delay, (Which of course I would have dealt with by contacting the source), but considering that Justin is a one man show trying to get started in this business, I was not at all upset. Especially considering the amazing prices he has, some of which are even lower for WFF members. I have been more than happy with everything I have purchased from Justin, and would not hesitate to order again. In fact I'm sure I will at some point, as his lines simply can't be beat for the price. He provides a fine product at a fine price, with excellent customer service. I can't imagine opening up a boxed order from Cabelas and finding everything I ordered plus extra fly boxes, extra magnetic net releases etc..., which is exactly what I found with both of my orders from Justin. I didn't ask for anything free, I didn't incinuate that he somehow "owed" me for the slight delay in receiving my order, he just took it upon himself to throw in some goodies with my order. Customer service is fast becoming a lost art form in our society, and I for one would rather deal with the likes of Justin with his supreme customer service than a huge retailer any day.

    Justin, keep up the good work. You can't please everyone, but you have most certainly pleased me. You can count on me to be a repeat customer for a long time to come.
  10. Ralphie Mike Ralph

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    I just received an order from Justin for several items. I had a couple email exchanges with Justin to confirm specs, etc. which he replied promptly. I received my shipment 3 days from ordering. Everything was better than expected. I realize every experience is different, but this was the most satisfying purchase I have had in years. My only comment is that this thread is now getting a little lengthy. Perhaps it would be better if Justin started a new thread if he has some new product offerings.
  11. AllenFlyFishing Allen Fly Fishing

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    Hi Everyeone,

    Wanted to let you know that I added a new hook to my collection. Its my version of the Tiemco #7999 Salmon Hook. I have

    #2/0, #1/0, #1, #2, #8, and #10

    The price is $12.00/100 pcs. They dont need to be all the same size of hooks for 100pcs. They are packed 10pcs per package. So you can mix and match if you'd like.


    Thanks Everyone. Please PM me if interested.


  12. Flyfish23 Member

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    I have bought a reel and line from Justin as well and have had the same good experience as most everyone else. The prices are rock solid for the quality in my honest opinion and I have recommended them to others and will continue to do so. The reel I bought is very smooth and well made. Easily changes from right to left and looks great to boot. Thanks Justin and congratulations on the nuptials.
  13. cdcengineer New Member

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    When can we expect the 3/4 trout reels to be offered?
  14. AllenFlyFishing Allen Fly Fishing

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    In 3 weeks. Colors will be Black and Gunmetal
  15. AllenFlyFishing Allen Fly Fishing

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    NEW #78 XL with Cork Drag

    Hi Everyone,

    Ok, its here. My 2nd version of the XL #78. I'm going to still do another upgrade, but not sure on the final details so I'm closing these out. I can never make my mind up :) This is what I have now if anyone is looking for a #78 wt reel for Steelhead and maybe Salmon.

    PRICE: $54. Extra Spools $30

    Reel Dia - 4"
    Spool Width - 1.18"
    Spool Depth - .650"
    Drag - Cork
    Color - Gunmetal
    Reel Weight - 6.43oz.

    I also added a Cork Drag on this reel. I was getting alot of requests for a cork drag so I make my #78 XL with a cork.


    If interested, please send me a PM


  16. Denny Active Member

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    Which of the board moderators parked Mumbles? C'mon, whomever did it, you have to be kidding me! He's a long time participant who has contributed hundreds and hundreds of positive posts. You could have contacted hm offline, given him a finger wagging, and deleted his post. He calls out a dude, this Jed Peters knucklehead, whose only posts on WFF are to denigrate Justin, a person who appears to have been stand-up with the guy and a person who has treated a number of the WFF board members well (myself included), and Mumbles gets parked?!?!?!

    Guys, do the right thing and drop this Jed Peters goofball, whose sole participation on WFF it appears is to stir the pot and not contribute anything positive. His only posts are diatribe against Justin and others; check it out.

    Thanks for the stump.
  17. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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  18. Skysoldier Trout Hunter

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    Denny see this link, it was all in fun.
  19. Steve Saville Active Member

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    Great fun, yes but I would agree with parking Jed.
  20. Builder Member

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    Id just like to add a heartfelt , real Montana "go fuck yourself" to Jed.
    Love the reel Justin.
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