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  1. Nano Ti Rod Series

    For those that have been asking me about my new rod. I will be releasing photos and forum pricing here very soon. Here is a bit about the rod.

    "The new series (Nano Ti) utilizes the latest in technological development. One of the lightest rods on the market, at just 2.6 oz. in a #5 weight, it feels like a feather and casts great. I have been working with a carbon fiber manufacturer to develop a resin system that allows the impregnation of nano titanium particles into the resin/carbon matrix for the last several months. This prevents "micro cracking" and allows us to achieve lighter weight without compromising breakage or flex in the rods.

    On another note:

    Most who follow my products on the boards know that I am in a middle of a move. I am trying to manage my shipments this week and will be 100% moved by this weekend. Just wanted to say thanks to all those that said congrats on my wedding (Sept 25) and on our move. For all those that placed an order in the last 20 days stay tuned for an email in the next few weeks. I want to send everyone something to say thanks for your patience.

    Thanks again,

  2. Congrats on the marriage Justin !!!!! Good luck with the move.

  3. All I would like is for you to get some sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Justin got the pink fly reel, my wife loves it! That on the Scott E2 6wt will her setup.

    Can't wait to get the 8wt switch and reel so I can hit the winter steel!

  5. I've had the privilege of test driving this reel, and I can say it is by far his best reel. Mine held up in Cabo against relentless skipjack tuna perfectly.
  6. What pink reel? Was/is Justin selling pink reels?
  7. Yes, I am making some XL reels in Pink. They are not done yet. I sold him a sample run that I received to approve the color.
  8. Where are you with the trout 3/5s?
  9. They will be done in 3 weeks
  10. What colors will those be availabe in?
  11. They will be in Gunmetal, Black, and Green
  12. Justin, forgot to report that I got the cassette reel system, SWEET. I think this will be a cool and flexible piece of gear for sure. If you happen upon any spare cassettes please let me know. Hope the move is going/has gone smoothly.
  13. What is up with your Nano Ti Rod Serie ?

    I can't wait to see some pictures and specs of them...

    I would certainly buy one of these.
  14. Thanks for the hooks Justin! Tying my first set up on them tonight.
  15. Nano Ti Rod Series

    Hi Everyone,

    Just got settled in with my inventory at the new place. So back to working 24hours a day again :thumb:

    Here is my final design on the Nano Ti Series.
    1. Reel Seat - Gold Anodised AL. The font will be smaller on "Allen"
    2. Guides - Snake Guides **** I might change to single foot guides to reduce the weight. Seems its 50/50 on what people like.
    3. The logo size will be reduced.

    The rod weight is 2.65 oz in the 5wt. I have made a limited production run that will be ready soon of 5pcs of each weight. I also have Blanks for rod builders aswell.

    Sizes - 4wt, 5wt, 6wt, 7wt, 8wt, 9wt (all 9', 4pc rods)



    Retail: Don't know yet. (Those that have fished my demo rods throughout the last several months say it compairs to all the high end rods from other mfgs)

    Washingtonflyfishing - $180.00 (This comes with a Tube and Sock)


    Washingtionflyfishing - $90.00 (This includes an extra tip)

    Warranty - Same as my reels. If it needs fixed, I'll fix it. If I can't, I'll replace it.



    Please PM me if you have any quesitons or Interested in getting one of the first's

    Thanks Everyone,

  16. Justin, From the looks of the photo the rod is green - are the blanks the same color?
  17. Nice looking reel seat. Got any pics of your other rods?
  18. Lookin good! If I wasn't such a broke ass... I'd throw one in the quiver.
  19. Hi Rob,

    Yes, the blanks will be the same color

  20. Man - they look really nice.

    Are there also plans for other types of rods or will they be all 9'? Do the 9wt's also have a cigar shaped grip?

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