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  1. Justin, that is a nice gesture. Having three, no four different types of your boxes there should be a lot of PM's in your box soon and shortly thereafter a lot of happy fly box owners. You got snow up north yet?
  2. Very generous indeed! I have several of Allen's boxes and they are great! Especially for the price.
  3. Well, that went fast ha. Thanks guys. There are some other things that I would like to do aswell soon.

    Nah, no snow yet. Getting close....
  4. Doh, missed the fly box giveaway. You doing any Christmas specials? My lady wants a 5 wt rod and some another buddy could use one of those packs.
  5. made in the USA?

  6. The Fly Box? no, not right now. But, since my family ownes a plastic injection molding company that I use to run in IN. I do have plans to have some made here. However, to make a mold is not cheap so I want to make sure what works and what does not.
  7. sorry for the lack of specificity. Are the reels made in the USA? Just checked out your site and I love the look of them.
  8. The ones now aer made by an old supplier of mine overseas. The USA reel is now in the works. I'm designing a new drag system for those. Lots of testing still to go on those.
  9. Hi Everyone,

    I want todo something for Veterans Day. Since I do have family members that served. I have a new reel coming out in Dec that I have not released yet. However, I would like to give away 3 rod and reel set ups in a 5wt. My new reel, line, backing, and my Xa Rod. If your willing to wait until the 3rd week of Dec to receive it. I would like to give these away.

    Please just send me a PM and we can discuss further.

    Thanks again

  10. dude, i havnt met u yet but i hope to someday. u r pretty much the shit. u got the best prices, rad gear, and ur super down to earth and in touch with ur customers. u give away tons of stuff too which is cool!

    thanks a ton for the flybox. Ill be sure to load it up and put it through the ringer, then provide u with any feedback i have!.

    thanks again, btw that line u sent me this summer.... i finally was able to cast the entire line (wf8w) on my el cheapo reddington crosswater. good castin line u got there!
  11. I have to echo everything Dustin just said. What you are doing with your business in the ways of customer service, competitive pricing and attention to quality is building a loyal following here for sure. Keep up the good work and thanks again Justin.
  12. I took Justin's 8wt switch rod out last night for some casting and all I can say is wow..... This is an unbelievable rod. It is mated with his Alpha 9/10wt reel.

    I was easily casting the full head and shooting line (35ft head and 100ft shooting). i am using a Rio power flex 0.024 core and a Beulah 420 grain head.

    My friend has the Beulah 8/9 wt switch rod loaded with the same line I'm using and Justin's rod casts just as well as his.

    I am extremely happy with this rod. I highly recommend all of Justin's reels and rods to anyone looking for great equipment at a great price, not to mention the excellent customer service.

    Thanks again Justin for building such a quality rod at a great price.

  13. Thx for the feedback, that's the setup I'm pondering (already ordered the reel a few weeks ago, was holding out on the rod as a buddy thought he had an 8wt laying around) for my first heavy fly setup. Pics?
  14. Hey,

    seems like there is a lot of people using the rods allready. I tried the homepage but I only found information on the first page about the nano series. Any chance of getting some more info about the different rods and what is available allready?

  15. Looks something like this! Except I'm throwing a Compact 450 Airflo Scandi.
  16. Here are my two-handed rods and their reels. The big spey is my albright 9/10 14ft mated with an Allen 12/14 Alpha reel. Using a Rio Powerflex 0.035 shooting line and a Rio XS Spey 550grain scandi head.

    Next to that is my Allen 8wt 10'8" switch and an Allen 9/10 Alpha reel.

    View attachment 35900

  17. Close up of the reels....and one with the Alpha 9/10 on the Switch.

  18. Funny thing .. in the pictures the 9/10 reel looks almost the same size as the 12/14, but the 12/14 is much bigger in person.

  19. Hi Everyone, The 3 sets are takin. Thanks again for contacting me.
  20. Thanks for the pics, nice looking gear, definitely stoked for it!
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