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  1. The reels speak for themselves. The rod is really nice and compares very well to the Beulah and TFO Deer Creek in both finish and casting. Justin's rod has one thing that the other don't.......Alignment dots. That's a nice little extra that really helps when putting the rod together.

  2. Justin, all these raves has me thinking I have to step into the two-handed world. PM sent
  3. Hi all. I've gone through this thread, and all the talk I've read regarding the Alpha 9/10 has me thinking on checking this product out. I want a new reel for Square Tail Hunting up here in B.C. I had my sights set on another Orvis what?? LOL I've gone through the AFF web site, however any extra info. you can pass along would be stellar.

  4. Alpha Photos

    Hi Everyone,

    I just received my Alpha reels today in the new design. I'm very happy with them and the weight of the reels. They look much better in person than on a 3D print that I posted to release them. The new weights are as followed

    5/6 - 4.93oz
    7/8 - 5.37oz
    9/10 - 6.10oz

    Here are some photos that I just took. I will be getting better photos in the future.


    The prices for the 5/6 and 7/8 for the forum is $60 and the 9/10 is $70.

    Please contact me if interested.


  5. wow, killer pricing on a great looking real. imo, cant be beat.
  6. Siiiiick! Assume those will start shipping today?
  7. Yes, I started sending some out toay. Most will start going out tomorrow and during the week
  8. Awesome, will have something to look forward to when I get back to Portland
  9. I'm new to Spey fishing and I'm looking for a reel for a Wright & McGill Classic Spey Rod in the 7/8 weight. Do you have a reel you would recomend for this rod??? The reels you have on here look gorgeous, how do the perform in the cold?
  10. Welcome aboard untooted. Sent you a PM
  11. Alpha 5/6

    Everyone should have those fly boxes soon that I was giving away.

    ONE MORE THING :thumb:

    I received my Alpha reels and I'm very happy with them. So what the heck. I want to give away a FREE 5/6 wt. reel. First one to send me there address (PM) and its yours. I'll have it shipped by Friday of this week.

    Thanks everyone,

  12. Justin, I'm not sending you a PM because I've been a grateful recipient to your product line. You are though, a very kind gent for your efforts to get people access to gear at very affordable prices. Glad to have you as a resource for sure. Ed
  13. Well, that was fast :) stilly stalker .. Hope you'll enjoy and get some good use out of it....

    also, Thanks! Mumbles
  14. Justin, what 3/4 reels are available or coming soon?
  15. Sorry for not posting right away to answer your question. Wanted to wait until I had confirmation on them. Yes, I now have my Trout reel in a 3/5wt. They are in Black and Gunmetal. The cost for them would be $60. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM


  16. New Trout 3/5wt fly reel specs per Justin:

    Diameter is 82mm
    Spool depth is .456"
    Spool width is 1.06"
    Reel weight is 4.8oz

    Line capacity is on avg WF4 + 85m/20lbs backing

    Comes in Black and Gunmetal.

    Thanks again Justin!
  17. THANKS! I know I will! Its big rod time here in the rivers for me, but Im planning on rigging it up for some beach SRC action so I can try it out right away! Ive heard nothing but good things, Im STOKED!!
  18. Received my Allen reel this AM, looks like a NICE piece of gear for the price! I'm not really the best to ask as far as the quality between it and others as my gear is all old/hand me down, but definitely looks/feels like a high quality piece. Now just need to get a rod to mate it to.
  19. got my FREE Allen reel in the mail today! Very nice! Im very impressed with the weight, and the drag seems very smooth, bu I obviusly havnt fish tested it yet. I have a feeling its going to get a lot of love. Thank you again Justin!!
  20. Hi Everyone, Lets do a kinda of a Black Friday giveaway (but on Monday :)) This is for a Trout 5/7 wt reel. I will be able to ship within the first 12 days of Dec. Should be sooner than that. They are almost done. This is what you get.

    If you Buy the Trout 5/7 for $70. You'll get 5 FREE Fly boxes and 300 FREE hooks.

    Only going todo this for today and maybe something else like this in the future :)

    Please send me a PM if interested

    Thanks everyone,

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