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  1. No problem Justin, a guy needs to get away once and awhile!:cool: Besides I forgot to let you know I had recieved the vest and pack.. Thanks:thumb:

    Wik, your welcome also. I had been looking for a pack for awhile and I am very glad that I found the ones Justin has. The vest is preaty sweet also, soon as the rivers get back into shape I'll be given it a good workout.
  2. I don't post very often, but I have to hand it to Justin over at Allen Fly Fishing. The quality of the gear he sells is outstanding, and the prices are unbelievably low. The reels are extremely smooth and look great on my rods. Despite having quite a few nice Orvis fly boxes, I use the new clear waterproof Allen boxes exclusively. I've switched out my expensive $70 lines and happily use my Allen lines, especially the intermediate and full sinking lines.

    I just received the brand new "Mesh Fly Fishing Vest" and it's absolutely amazing. The thought put into all the many pockets, and the lightweight design rivals and in some cases exceeds even the most expensive Simms vests, etc. I can't wait to take it out and do some wet wading.

  3. Hi Everyone,

    Its all done! My new Trout Seres design is done and ready for forum members. I wanted to make a difference between my reel series. I changed the spool and frame cutting to have it stand out by itself. It's even lighter than the first Trout design by .43oz.

    It comes in Black or Gunmetal. The forum discount price is $70. Let me know what you guys think. I took these photos myself. I have someone working on better photos for the website.

    The current size wt is 5/7 wt. You can view the specs and more photos here.

    Send me a PM if interested or email

  4. Justin, that looks very nice. How long until you get a smaller version? What is the weight on that think, very heavily ported reel. I like how that looks.
  5. Hey Mumbles, Hows it going? The reels weight is 5.41oz. The smaller version will be coming next, but that wont be until October.
  6. Justin, what system do you use for drag engagement? One way roller bearings, or . . . ?
  7. great looking reel! too many home projects, but i will get one for sure when i free up some $$$$.
  8. Yes, it has a one way roller bearing

  9. Sounds good. Glad you took the time and gave it a look. When your ready, let me know. Thanks
  10. Have my stock of these now. If interested, please send me a PM. Thanks again

    6/25/10 - FLY BOX (WATERPROOF) Discount

    $7.50 each Shipping is $2.24. This box has 40 rows with 32 slit foam sections per row.


  11. Trout Series, Updated Photos

    Hi Everyone,

    I updated my photos of my Trout Reel to give everyone a better idea on the finish. I have Black in stock.




  12. Justin, Love the new look, but still lovin the previous "Trout" you sent me!
  13. I just received the trout reel today in gunmetal finish and it feels very light and as well as a great looking reel. I'll give it a test this weekend with 6wt loaded on it. Great price, fast shipping and I'm very pleased. thank you Justin
  14. I finally had a chance to try out the Trout series reel I ordered a couple of weeks ago and I am very pleased with the quality. Justin's service was great. Good communication, timely shipping, good product. Couldn't ask for more. Thanks Justin!
  15. 7/8 XL Current Model Close out!

    7/8 XL Current Model Close out!

    Hello, I had some oversized XL 7/8 reels made awhile ago as a test to see what size/weight I want the new #78 XL to be that is comining out in mid September. I ended up doing a full production run on these and would like to offer them to those on the board for $48 each.

    The warrenty is not an issue. Anything I sell I back it up.

    Reel Dia 4"
    1.09" Spool Width
    .77" Spool Depth
    Weight 6.23oz

    The cost is $48.00 each. I do have some spar spools that were made aswell. Those are $36 each.

    **** Also have stock in my 3/4 and 5/6 XL aswell for $48.00


    PM me if interested.

    Thanks again for everything,

    Justin "Allen"
  16. Any word yet on the future saltwater reels? I'm very pleased with the Alpha and Trout series I have and looking forward to a sealed bearing reel.
  17. Hello, Yes, I will be releaseing those soon. Working on my final design
  18. Are you going to do any spey lines?
  19. Yes, I hope to have them out at the same time as my Saltwater reel
  20. pm sent...
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