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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by AllenFlyFishing, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. Justin, GREAT service. I look forward to the 2 reels I just ordered.
  2. Justin:

    I finally tied on the 6wt line I bought from you - awesome! Worked fine. I guess I didn't realize that my old line was holding me back a bit....

    I'll buy some more soon.

  3. Well, I changed my mind on the design so now I have some new XL 5/6's that I want to close out on. Its a great looking reel, but I want to make some other changes to it again. Wanna cut the weight down. This would be a good back up reel.

    The current changes that I made are
    a. Drag Cover
    b. Larger Drag Knob
    c. Improved Drag Components

    Price $48




    If interested, please PM me.


    Justin "Allen"
  4. I bought two of the 7/8 XL closeouts for my steelhead outfit. Excellent fit and finish, nice smooth operation, well done. Well worth the retail price, I feel like a shoplifter at the closeout price. Thanks.
  5. PM sent :)
  6. thats a great deal!
  7. Allen Fly Fishing - Product Discounts (Updated 3/3/10)

    price on a alpha 9/10 for my 11ft 3in tfo tcrx 7/8 switch rod.
  8. Justin, I just got the 5/6 XL from you, thanks much. After I figured out the spool retainer was a screw and not a quick release like I am used to, things were good to go.

    Seems like a pretty solid reel, hope to test it on some bruiser Cutthroats next week in Wyoming.

    If it works out I might see if you have another one.
  9. Justin,
    I too just received my reel and am very impressed. Great looking reel, smooth drag and I love the free spool retrieve.

  10. Hi Everyone,

    I have some stock in the following that I would like to offer

    1. Alpha 3/4 $60
    2. Alpha 5/6 $60
    3. I just came out with Spey Line (Windcutter) line. They are $20 each. I have #5, #6, #7, #8, and #9 wts.
    4. I started doing an "Orange" line in my WFF line. They are $9.50. I only have them in a #6wt to start with

    Thanks everyone,

  11. justin man you are the best! i recieved the line and it casts great. thanks for going the extra mile to help get me set up. im still workin on that first steel, but it is in the near future i think.
  12. Justin,
    Can you post some more specs on the spey lines or direct me to a place on your website that has the info?
  13. Sure, I'm working on that today. I'll have something soon for you
  14. I recieved my alpha 3/4 reels today. Very very nice.
  15. Justin, I received the line for the switch rod I purchaced from you and tried it out last evening. I caught no fish but the rod and line felt great! I would recommend this rod to anyone who wants to try out the switch rod funny farm. Comes with very good customer service also.
  16. Justin, I recieved my two Alpha 5/6's and my WFF today. I wasn't expecting the nice neoprene reel cases to come with them. Thank you, the reels are beautiful and the drags are really sweet! Thanks for making the effort to get them to me to use on my BC trip. I showed my neighbor and fishing buddy the reels over a couple of margaritas this afternoon and he wants two of the Alpha 5/6's as well. Do you still have inventory of 5/6 Alphas at $60? If so, I'd appreciate two more for my friend. Great product and well worth the wait. You need your logo on these dude.........Mark
  17. I just ordered the 9/10 fory Spey. Stoked and looking forward to checking it out!
  18. Justin do you by chance have an ETA on when the Trout Series 3/5 reel will be available?
  19. Hello, Sure, they will be ready in 40 days. Have a few new projects aswell that I will be releasing soon.
  20. Sounds good Justin thanks for the update.
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