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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by AllenFlyFishing, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. Just received Justin's Rucksack/vest and large fly box. Excellent products, fast ship!
  2. Hi Justin,

    Do you have the 5 wt DT line in stock now?

  3. Hello,

    Wanted to let those know that pre-ordered for the Trout 5/7's are being packed and shipped today and tomorrow.

    The cost is $70 on the forum for those that have been PM'ing me when the reels are back in stock.

    If interested, please send me a PM.

    Thanks everyone,

    Allen Fly Fishing, Trout Series Fly Reel
  4. What is the warranty on these reels? Also the 5/7 for $70, does that include shipping?
  5. No only a 5/7
  6. Justin, most pictures of the Alpha seem to be of the reel handle/spool side, but no pictures of the frame side. Do you have any frame side pictures you can post here?

  7. Hey Mark, Thanks for posting some pics. Also, thats a sweet lookin Switch Rod :thumb:
  8. Can't wait to try out the Trout reel.
  9. Those wedding bells ringing!!!!:rofl:

    Congrats my friend! Best of luck to you both! :beer2:

  10. I wish I had something positive to say....I ordered September 8th and still have not received. I got one email saying he would ship 7 days ago, but obviously a lie since I still haven't received.

    Paypal dispute filed, and a cannot recommend posted here.
  11. Jed. First, It was not a lie. It was shipped on Wed/Thursday last week like I told you and Also posted on board that all Trout reels have been shipped. I made sure everything was shipped before I went out of town for my wedding. It went first class that may take up to 10 days. Also, its a Sunday the USPS does not deliver today. Maybe before thinking that I had not told you the truth you could have waited for Monday. Just a thought.

    I'm not here to lie to you or anyone. However, everyone has there way of dealing with issues. So its alright. I do hope that you receive your reel on Monday.

    Thank you,

    Justin "Allen"
  12. Hi Mark,

    Yea, got married Yesterday :) Thanks Mark


  13. Hi Jed,
    Sorry for not getting back to you right away.* I will have the reel for you to ship on Monday.*
    Thank you.* Have a good eveing,

    From: Jed Peters <>
    To: "" <>
    Sent: Tue, September 14, 2010 10:04:04 PM
    Subject: Jed Peters Order

    Any update on my order?

    Sent from my iPad
  14. So....appears you told me it'd ship Monday. And previously that you'd ship priority.

    But, now you are claiming you'd sent wednesday or thursday?


    Feel free to take the pressure off and refund the money.

    Congrats on the wedding btw.
  15. Jed,

    Im not sure what your intensions are. However, now you have a free reel and your money. The reel could not ship on Monday since i received them Tuesday afternoon.

    I recevied your paypal notice and your comment on my service. I'm not sure what else I was able to do since I posted on the board to everyone when the reels were shipped. I can always be reached by phone at 574-855-7100. I answered 12 calls on my wedding day and replied to a number of emails the morning after just so people would get a reply. Now its 6:15pm Sunday and I'm back to work. I seldom take any time off. I am able to be reached via computer or on my cell at anytime.

    As for the Trout 5/7 reel. I feel that your intensions were pre planned. If you were not able to afford a new reel. I have demos floating around the country being tested that I could have sold you at a lesser price. I would recommend a dia cast reel. I went to a dicks sports goods and they have a combo deal for around $40.00.

    Sorry that you feel that things did not work out. However, I kept you aware of the status. I am aware that even if my service is good 99.9% of the time. Someone will fall through the cracks.

    Enjoy the reel!

    Justin "Allen"

  16. Jed, you for sure dont pay attention to what is written, Now Justin is refunding the money and you get a free reel. Be the big MAN and send it back.
  17. Please. Spare me.

    Ship the damn reel then, how you claimed it would ship and when. Pay for a product from a retailer, get a product from a retailer.

    Can't afford your reels? Alterior motives? Riiiiight....

    Oh yeah, and you didn't refund jack.
  18. Jed - I don't do this often, but here I go. It sounds like for whatever reason your expectations from Allen Fly Fishing were not met. We understand that, and you have made your point. Many on the board (including myself) have found Justin to be a provider of quality gear at great prices. I have also found that when a problem arises he steps up to the plate and does his best to resolve it. It appears you signed up to the board just to make your initial post in this thread. If you have anything constructive to contribute to this board then I and others will welcome you wholeheartedly. If you are only here to bash Justin then leave, or at least take it private using the Private Messaging function. I will now report this thread to the moderators.

  19. I have to agree with Rob here. I've purchased from Justin on several different occasions and have exchanged many emails. You're not dealing with a large distributor or shop, it's a one man operation he's running. He's also pretty new and passing the savings on to us while he gets up and running and get's his name out there. I think many of us will admit that there is some room to work on his ordering/shipping but it's still well worth any trouble for the great deals he's passing on to us on top quality gear. He also makes it right if he's behind schedule and in my experience and the people I've talked to, very generous.
    I wouldn't hesitate to order from him again and recommend his products to everyone I meet.
    Signing up to our board to complain is not the right way to solve a dispute. Justin is a stand up guy, he makes his phone number and email available to all and if you had a problem you should have pursued it with him till a resolution was had before slandering him on a public forum.
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