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  1. I second MtnWkr's post. I had a minor shipping issue with a warranty reel and Justin worked it out and included some extras for the hassle- I am more than satisfied with the resolution. The deals Justin offers are well worth it if you understand that he runs a one-man operation and is understandably very busy at times. Also, I communicated with Justin via private message and found no need to post in his sale thread.

    On another note, how are the Saltwater reels progressing and will there be an 8/9 or 9/10wt size?
  2. Hear, hear. And it's spelled Ulterior, not Alterior.
  3. Dude, you're pissing into the wind complaining about Justin here. And WTF, you're complaining about a reel that cost 1/2 (at most) of what it should. Shit, if I buy something at 40% of the normal price and it takes an extra day to ship to me - I keep my mouth shut.
  4. Actually, common lexicon considers "alterior" and "ulterior" to be one in the same.

    And if we're talkin' semantics, how about mr. "shipped on Wednesday"?
  5. Rob, Cry away.

    I was told originally (on the 8th) that these reels were in stock and shipping. I was not given a shipping date. On the 14th I emailed, and was told it would ship the "following monday".

    I bring it here because OBVIOUSLY it didn't get to me.

    So I come onto a message board where he sells his stuff....and speak facts about my transaction.

    So I'm the bad guy.
  6. I don't have the time or energy to chase down 90 bucks. Come on. Ship me the goods when you say you're going to ship them. And I'm posting here because I FOUND OUT about him here, in this thread.
  7. It shouldn't "cost" more. It should cost what he charges you. And you pay it, and expect to see goods back in kind.

    There's my ebay profile. I mostly sell on ebay.

    Note the feedback for late shipping a couple items from the top. Did I whine because the person purchased a $100 saddle for 2.23 and say to them "suck it up and be happy I even sold it to you?"

    No, I took my neutral feedback because I owned my mistake, i.e. poor communication and not shipping my item.
  8. We are not "talkin' semantics". I was addressing proper spelling. I am not aware of any english dictionary with the word alterior in it.

    Common indeed.

    I believe there has also been a reference to owning one's mistakes. Aparently that only applies when you are trying, with rather poor results, to show that you are not the a**hole here.
  9. Youch. You got me on spelling! Nice move. I should know it, it's a common one I occasionally use. :)
  10. View attachment 34680
    If you think that's sweet... here's a better view.....wait til I get the gunsmoke Alpha on it.....
  11. Lets move on to the next subject: I have a 9/10 wt Alpha reel that has been fished once and the customer wanted another wt instead. It has my 9wt 2 color line and backing on it aswell. I dont want to sell it as new so $50 and $7 shipping. If anyone is looking for a 9/10 wt let me know............ SOLD

    Also, Jed. Your shipment was shipped 9/22 at 11:14:39am to the address paypal provided.

    Justin Peters
    1330 N Broadway
    Ste. 210
    Walnut Creek, CA 94596

    weight of the shipment 12.40oz


  12. Mark,

    Thanks a million on the photo. Thats going on my home page this week. Thanks again

  13. Hi Justin,

    I'm interested in your spey rod lineup and was hoping you had specs available.

  14. You get the video of the SW reel in Cabo fighting the skipjack?

  15. Yes, Thanks! That was a sweet video. Congrats aswell on the wedding.
  16. Likewise!
  17. Justin what reel is on the switch rod in Mark Speer photo I am building a switch rod in 5wt and am looking for a reel for it. Glad I found this board or would have not have seen your ads and posts, sick reels
  18. Boy, I always thought Allen got a few too many accolades (I checked the spelling on this one) on this site. But this guy complaining is really taking waaaaay too much space with what looks like a simple misunderstanding. Yes, I know way isn't spelled waaaaay, but what the heck! Literary license.
  19. Hi there I'm new on this forum and I must admit that the Allen reels family seems to be amazing.

    Justin I'd like to buy a 7/8wt alpha. I'll sen you a PM for my shipping adress thank you !
  20. Wow this Jed guy just doesn't give up! You guy's don't even know half of what Justin has done for me. Justin had donated everything from floating lines to several reels to my fly fishing group that I run for the high at risk kids here in Vancouver Wa. That's right I said Vancouver Washington. Justin is from Michigan, he doesn't have to donate anything but he does it. I've bought everything from reels to switch rods and have spoken and e-mailed Justin many many times and have bragged up his equipment every where I go. Try this rant at you're local fly shop, if it's anything like mine I would be told to take my business else where very swiftly and straight to the point. Justin would never tell you to do so but I think you'll find most everyone here would take great pleasure in telling you to get the fuck out of here and don't come back! you're welcome Justin
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