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  1. Our comments were not at all trying to call out anyone. We are currently travelling and responding from our phones, so I apologize for the less ideal responses. We were admitting to the past issues that were brought up, because we believe in having some transparency in our business. But the quality and supply issues that were brought up have been completely resolved. Every company experiences growing pains, and we experienced them in a big way last year. It's why Justin brought me on and hired a warehouse staff.

    In short, Jesse and everyone else are 100% correct in their claims, we are just trying to reach out and make these past issues right with our customers.
  2. Jordan the beer is here. My two cents on Allen is all good in my neighborhood. That was decided when Justin kicked things off. Even better now that Evan has gotten involved. Take my two cents or not. I'm a gear whore and could easily see me fishing Allen reels for all my needs.
  3. Ok, here's what I'm going to do. I am going to get a couple of reels to look at and I will put them through my own test and write what I find. I personally think that as any company there is trial and error and things are bound to improve. Allen reels has generously offered me to try some. I think its the admirable thing to do, so let's just see what happens with this. I am a firm beleaver in the little guy and will stand behind my result's. Maybe make a video of a 5 pound trout at my favorite trout farm (rf) Ha Ha.
  4. Most people will try things out. I got a reel from Allen once and I decided at the time I wasn't ready to buy. Then about a year later I was ready and asked if I could see a reel. Well I bought it and have been happy with the one I bought.

    Somethings will work for everyone and some things won't, no matter how hard you try you can't please everyone.
  5. I'd be more than happy to test a reel in the 8 wt range and give my feedback. It will see plenty of local anadromous in the next couple months, and enough bones in late April to see how they really hold up. No, not talking about 2# Belizean fish either. My 5 wt. and LP 2 gets used for those.
  6. My 7/8wt Alpha II handled the one good sized bone I hooked into at Hi-Kai and lost. It made three good runs (lost it midway on the third run) and each time the reel was more than smooth. I don't have any personal experience with the first generation products, but I feel more than confident with their current product.
    As for their customer service, like I stated in a previous thread, was nothing but top notch and awesome: I had originally ordered a specific product that I needed for a trip and the package recieved contained different. A few emails later between Justin and Evan and I had the correct product in time for my trip.
    Like I said earlier, I don't have any experience with the company or it's products from it's original start up phase, but I wouldn't ever hesitate to order from them again and feel very confident in their current products- and hopefully future.
  7. Evan works his ass off knocking the kinks outta the system and despite a rocky start with some product issues I think you're gonna see nothin but a continuing improvement in quality product and timely service. It wasn't long ago when Evans apartment was the warehouse and 2 guys where product development, QA, sales, shipping, customer service, etc etc etc.

    Evan hooked up an alpha 1 (apparently the bad model?) 9/10 for me to abuse this last spring and summer on my spey rod and after half a dozen chromers, couple chinook to 20#s and a couple tail hooked chums it never skipped a beat. I passed it along to a buddy who just bought his first spey and if the drag ever fails I hear Evan will take care of it.

    Lookin forward to what the future holds they have some great values and a good following.
  8. I've had issues with a lot of purchases in my life . . . vehicles, guns, fishing stuff, personal apparel, appliances, etc. It happens. As long as the vender/manufacturer stood behind their product & made things right in a reasonable manner, I was happy. That being said, I had the opportunity to demo an Allen rod & have several reels & fly lines; while I have experienced NO malfunctions, I am pleased with the products & the service . . . I also have no doubt they will "right any wrongs" in a reputable manner.
  9. I have 2 Alpha 9/10 reels that withstood some brutal runs from trophy Northern Pike in Sasskatchewan last June. One fish was 43" and 22bls. No issues whatsoever. I am getting ready to buy a alpha trout series for this year. The reels are only $ 115.00 for gosh sakes and my personal dealings with Jason ( i think that is right) have been very positive. He will make it right or I am sure he will refund your money back.

    If anyone is short on a 9/10 reel, let me know and you can use one......good Karma!!
  11. I have two Allen reels, and neither has caused me any trouble. On my first trip out with a brand-new Kraken 3 on my switch rod I hooked a chrome-bright 14 lb. steelhead buck, an exceptionally strong fish that would have put any reel to the test. The Kraken handled it easily. Through several blistering runs the drag remained smooth. It remains to be seen how well the reel will last, but I've seen much more expensive reels fail. My partner's Lamson literally fell apart while he was fighting a fish, and the drag on my Nautilus failed to the point where the spool was wobbling all over the place. The repairman who fixed it told me that drag failures on Nautilus's are not uncommon. So maybe we ought to be a bit more understanding of a newer company and their efforts to perfect their products?
  12. Hey Jordan,

    Has that Allen reel held up pretty good since your last post about it?

  13. I have three of his reels, one 4wt fly line and four fly boxes. I have yet to have anything go wrong with any of it. The fly line is over two years old and it sits on a reel all winter long. When I get ready to use it I pull some off to cast and it's just as limp as the day I received it.

    I would recommend these products to anybody.
  14. Thanks Jim! I'm going to order one for my upcoming trip. I appreciate your contributions to this board!
  15. Since this thread got dug back up, I figured I'd jump in since it's been a whole year.

    We have replaced the entire line up of reels and rods for 2013. Any questions, feel free to ask:
  16. Hey Evan,

    Can you tell me what the warranty is on your reels, specifically the Kraken model 3. Where do they ship from, and do they produce the "click" sound on both line retrieval and drag out?

  17. I own several Allen reels. Good stuff. Tough, can take a beatin'. Mingo "likes" Allen products.
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  18. we guarantee workmanship on any product. If it ever fails at our fault, we take care of it at no cost to you. If you bang it up to a point of it having issues, we can do repair for a small fee depending on the issue.

    The Kraken has a very smooth, quiet click on both drag and retrieve. Alpha and trout reels are silent on the retrieve.
  19. I have a Krakken, Several Alpha II's and an original trout reel. They are all good quality for the price and get used pretty darned heavily with very few issues and when there have been issues Evan's got them taken care of.
  20. I have nothing but good things to say about Allen customer service. I have had no issues with the three reels I have now, and even if I did, I know that Justin and Evan will make it right. Remember, it is mechanical and anything mechanical can break at anytime. For the money, it is a good product and supports the local guys.

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