Allen Kraken reviews?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Randall Clark, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. This probably belongs in the saltwater forum, but I figured it would get a few more eyes on it here. It also might a more appropriate question for Evan...

    Now that they've been out for a good bit, I'm wondering if anyone has any Kraken reviews for heavyweight saltwater Tuna, Tarpon, etc. I'll be in the market before next summer. I currently have one of the older style Ross Momentums, which I like well enough, but after seeing a friend (who purchased his from the same lot as mine for this trip) have his blow up on the first fish, there's this little seed of doubt in the back of my mind.

  2. Well, my opinion/experience may not matter.

    But we as a company went to Cabo last month. Caught lots of dorado, small tuna, sailfish, and more on it with flawless performance. We actually have yet to have a single warranty issue with the drag on that reel in thousands sold.

    Hope that helps.
  3. that actually does help...a lot.

    I mean, a company can have the best warranty in the world (from the sounds of things you guys have a helluva warranty), but if their products fail when you're down in Mexico or out fishing tuna, that warranty does zero for you.

    Thanks Evan.

  4. The first generations of reels from before I came on board definitely had some warranty issues, but we learned a lot from those and made sure to never have those issues again. The experience has paid off.

    We also have two new reels coming out before the end of the year that feature an entirely new drag that is even better. We are finishing up filing for patents and all that and getting them all machined out now. Quite excited about those.
  5. cool, is the price point going to be similar?
  6. Honestly, not really. They're going to be $300-$400. Our production costs on those is going to be substantially higher, especially on the new Omega reel.
  7. is that the same as the Kraken XLA or is that the other new one?
  8. Different reels. The XLA and Omega are the two new ones on the way soon.
  9. I have had mine for a couple months now. No heavy duty salt use, but I use it for salmon in the salt. The drag is quite smooth and functions nicely. I have a few nit-picky problems with the reel, but it functions great and I have a feeling it will hold up well. Now if I could just buy a spare spool....
  10. Not meaning to put the thread in a new direction, but I was scoping out Allen Reels last night--I was looking at the Trout II reel and an extra spool so I could use it for my 4wt and an additional 6wt option. However, I was wondering if the Trout II reels hold up in the salt? Seems like there's a strong knowledge base on this thread that could quickly answer the question--thanks!
  11. I ran my Alpha II in the salt this summer and all it took to keep it spinning smoothly was a daily rinse with freshwater and re-lubing once a season. No corrosion or any unusual signs of use whatsoever. Trout II should be similarly durable with proper care.
  12. I've used the Alpha II and I was also one of the first ones to use an Alpha III, both of which have seen some heavy salt use both locally and warmwater, and all of them spin true to the day I got them. Rinsed with a hose after each day and yeah, now and again I'll open it up and give it a lube. To be honest, I've had more problems with other big-name reel brands than I have with the Allen reels...
  13. I use three older Trout II reels in the salt all the time, including dunkings in tropical surf. I use them hard. No babying. Good hard abuse. No problems, I just rinse them after a day of use. They spin freely and are fun to use. I had a chance to look at the newer Trout II reel at the Allen Research and Field Testing Center in Duvall recently. It is quite a step up from the older series I have, which is a VERY tough reel.

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