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  1. I dont know if my buddy just got a lemon or what but he bought a new Olympic and it broke on the first time out..... Hopefully just a lemon but something to think about...
  2. You say you don't know why it broke, so why bother posting about it? Rods break all the time due to poor handling and long casting sessions with loose ferrules. Allen has a great warranty and I'm sure they'd like to hear from your friend about any issues with his rod. Mine has been great.
  3. Well I am glad yours is great, but my buddy takes good care of his stuff and he knows how to check and set up a rod. The first time the rod was taken out of the tube by him it broke, just saying. I am not trying to knock allan at all. I dont know about there warranty and I do not have experience with that company. I am sure it is good and I have heard nothing but good things about Allen ( except my buddy). That being said i think a broken rod right off the bat sucks and could be relevant to a person shopping new rods. Take it for what it is worth and dont take an unfavorable review personal
  4. Sooner or later rod will break, wether it is under normal use, or abuse. The only rod won't break is the one did not get fished. This is the reason you need a good company to take care of the repair or replace. That's said I still take the potential hassle to fish my CND rod ( no longer provide service on the n.a.). I consider that is the price to pay if the unfortunate finally arrives. So does other vintage rods I owned and fished. There is no complain is too short to not fish good rods! Allen has a great service BTW.
  5. Your friend also had a new section on its way within hours of this happening.
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  6. Oh come on Evan, how is that relevant information?
  7. I'm a sucker for a good non sequitur.
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  8. I am the poor sap that had the allen olympic break on me. Here are the facts. I purchased this rod from allen about 6months ago, it sat patiently in the case waiting for me to scratch up the dough for a reel and line. Upon completion of said scratching, I signed up for one of the clinics that avid angler does up at ben howard. About 15 minutes into the lesson the tip section shattered for no apparent reason. This had to have been a manufacturer defect or something similar. In all my days I have never had a rod break on me in such a fashion. Of course it was heartbreaking, but Evan Burck from Allen immediately put me at ease.. He responded to my text very promptly, and offered to make it right with no questions asked. The new rod section is on it's way as we speak. I have since read many reviews on the olympic and have found no sad tales like mine. I am chalking this one up to a fluke. These things happen. I have an allen ats 4w that I am very happy with, and I cannot see how Allen could've handled this situation any better. In my humble opinion their customer service is outstanding, and that goes a long way in my book. Shit Happens, right? It is how a company handles situations like this that really matter. Evan was very sypathetic and apologetic and I believe, very genuine.
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  9. Did the rod tip break at the ferrule? If it did one of the most common calamities when learning to cast a two handed fly rod is to loosen the top ferrule while getting the motions down. With the amount of energy stored in a rod at the time of the forward stroke if there is a weak spot (loose ferrule in this case) rather than transferring the energy in to the cast the energy will be transferred to the weakest point, the loose ferrule, and bam broken rod tip.
  10. I was just saying that you posting a lot of "I don't knows" then a vague warning based on no concrete evidence doesn't serve any purpose or do anyone a favor. Save some electrons till you have something worthwhile to post. I'm glad your friend came on and cleared it up.
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  11. I think you getting on the thread just to say that I dont know what I am talking about is less relevant than me saying something pertains to the rod. But if you wish to talk shit about my posts, just PM me. We would both look less like jack asses don't you think?
  12. Relax, I don't talk shit on forums and what I posted was very straight cut; I don't like to see people post vague rumors, hearsay, or misinformation about companies I like. It wasn't your rod and you didn't have any relevant info, but your friend cleared it up and is satisfied with the resolution. Simple.

    I don't feel the need to PM you about your post, nothing more to say as you still believe that your first post was worthwhile. Go back, read your first post, and see if you can discern some sort of public service message of any value. I couldn't and am making the point that a vague warning of "...something to think about" and then your second statement that "... a broken rod right off the bat may be relevant to a person shopping for new rods" is not merited.
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  13. 1) Rod did break so it was not a vague rumor, or misinformation
    2) I said very clearly the I doubt the rod breaking is a problem with all allen rods ("I am sure it is good and I have heard nothing but good things about Allen")
    3) you had no relevant information what so ever to the thread, and all you said was about my post.

    Now like I said why dont you just PM me so we stop hi jacking this guys thread
  14. I've broken about a half dozen of these. Most with the help of car doors and wading boots.
  15. Come to think of it I couldn't even wait until they came out to break the prototype 6wt... stupid me vs. wind vs. car door.

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