Almost Useless Fishing Report

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Ed Call, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Stop reading if you are going to get butt hurt for wasting your precious time...for those with a moment to spare, read on if you like.

    Met up with a forum member at a local lake today. Fairly cold, little to no wind, but the water was cold enough to freeze the feet. "Peeing Ice Cubes" was heard a time or two. It was quite a trek for him, he worked through the night, got off early and took one of those big white and green boats to the west side. There were a couple of other guys already there, and they were killing them all day long on the secret color. I fished the secret color, a few misses, nary a hook embedded into a fish. I switched to another formerly trusted color, same with the misses only. I switched again, same story through just about all the standard flies that I've used here with success. I tried all three lines, F, I, S and all I got was strikes with no hookups. :hmmm: There were some rises making me think the fish were pretty active, and the two guys who obviously know what they are doing had stretched lines and bent rods almost all day long. They each also missed a bunch they said, maybe 30 or more but each had hooked up with and brought at least a dozen to hand. I've been skunked before, but not so normally when others are hooking up like that. :beathead: I've never been an ego maniac fisherman, but I got humbled even more today. It still was a great day to fish, and it was only my second day on the water so far this year, so I think you can tell I'm not actually complaining.

    Fortunately the distant traveller got into a few, slimed his hands up a bit and his smile was on his face every time I could see it around the sides of his hood. We both left at about the same time, it was great meeting another member and I'm hopeful we'll fish again.:thumb:

    That is all, you can go back to doing something much more productive.
  2. fmunoz

    fmunoz Member

    Bad days happen to everyone, thanks for reporting, at least you are out there, I haven't been able to go out in a couple of months bawling: ...

    say was this on a float tube or from shore?

  3. Trout Master

    Trout Master Active Member

    I can remember a day about 10 years ago fishing a lake off spur 10 road with my buddy. We were using the exact same thing, switched areas fished, did everything the same. The results were Jose had 36 fish to hand, myself the troutmaster was reduced to grasshopper as my count was **ZERO** .
  4. Jim Speaker

    Jim Speaker Active Member

    Yeah, he's right... you just got screwed by the fish gods. They must be planning some 30 fish day for you, and this was just to make it all the better when it comes. They work in f'd up ways... f'd up man.
  5. Barry

    Barry Member

    Wow. I'm glad you didn't mention the name of the lake, the "secret color", etc. You would have been flamed for sure. Useless reports and advice are what we cherish here.
  6. Mark Yoshida

    Mark Yoshida Active Member

    It was great to meet you. I was going to post earlier but I was cold. The weather report said it was going to be in the 50's but last night it said it only hit 36-39 so no wonder we were cold. Also the fact that my waders leaked in the right foot so now I have to fix that before I can go out on Monday. Those guys said they (worked) fished the lake for the past 4 winters and have fine tuned their special "white" bugger. BTW for those interested Mumbles does look just like his avatar and is a great guy and flyfisherman. Has awesome fins that I want to buy that fold up.
  7. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Clark&Lewis obviously exaggerates. I may be a decent guy, but his first time on this lake he out fished me handily. The pair he referenced really did work the lake like they were the masters of that universe. Sorry your waders leaked but you have tonight and tomorrow to get them fixed before fishing again. Let me know the next time you want to venture across the sound and I'll try to meet up with you. So long as we fish together you can always say how much you outfished the guy you were with. I'm a bit fatter than my avatar and my beard has finally emerged, isn't puberty a bitch, but I've been telling you all that is what I look like. For the record, the fins are Omega Navigators and I know many will say force fins are the best out there, but mine hurt the tops of my feet. The Navigators allow me to flip up, walk, bathroom break, walk, flip down and fish. Really cool and I give them five stars.
  8. Wayne Kohan

    Wayne Kohan fish-ician

    Mumbles, maybe you got outfished because you were more comfortable than Lewis and Clark. He had leaky waders and your fins were too cool. Try wet wading this time of year, or at least poke holes in your waders. Get some fins that don't move too well. Maybe you should have a cough or a fever. Remember, the more miserable you are, the better the fishing. At least when steelheading it seems.

  9. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    :rofl: Wayne, that is hilarious and probably true. I was cold as shit though. I got out and hiked back to the truck to eat when my feet were so numb I could not feel them. The wind was kicking up too and I ended the day with the full turtle look hood up, zipped and bundled. I got a bunch of hits but I could not hook up and seal the deal.
  10. Rob Ast

    Rob Ast Active Member


    I was at said lake on Thursday, and also got skunked (though as the only one there no one was showing me up). No luck on the mystery color or the hot fly from my provious visit. Oh well, ya win some, ya lose some.
  11. Trent

    Trent Ugly member

    ahh, mumbles. It sounds like a compitition on who can be outfished. I'm afriad I take the cake, out-outfishing is my specialty. There are times I think that someone has placed repelant on that little box of flies I have.
  12. Jim Wallace

    Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

    Well, As You am, I think I'm bass-akward enough to give you a little competition in "outskunking." My fishing reports are so useless I don't even give them any more. Things are so bad I might even go try to fish for surf perch. That is a risky proposition, as there was a "shopping bag" lady there that tried to pick me up the other day when i was scouting the beach topo at low tide. I had to think about it just a little too long before making my escape.
    Maybe tomorrow head up to Narwhalesawzall for some "stillwater action" as long as no one is tossing pebbles and the wind ain't blowin.' Love this weather! Hitting the 50's every day here at the beach with bluebird skies, and offshore winds grooming the surf into perfect barrels...finding beach agates on the gravel bars!
    Feels like early October out here! I must go now and enjoy the global warming! Laters!
  13. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Damn, we should all get together. This skunking championship is not one I want. If I can arrange to only fish with you guys maybe I'll actually be outfishing someone. Maybe I'll take a crack at it on my next day off...Friday after next. Dang, that is a long time to stew after a skunking.
  14. Trent

    Trent Ugly member

    Yes, I always enjoy a good day of out skunking people. At least this way my flies stay in good shape with minimal wear and tear.
  15. Jim Wallace

    Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

    Well, I am going to get skunked lake fishing today, as I just checked the temp for Sanderson Field near Shelton...was only 29 F with fog a half hour ago. The lakes i usually try to fish in Winter are near there. Sheeeeit!
    It got up to 63 F in the shade on the N side of my garage yesterday here at the beach!!!!. That's right, passed 60 F by 1pm, 62 at 2pm and briefly hit around 63 F by 3pm. I am NOT driving into that cold stagnant inversion layer. NO WAY! I am going to stick around here and maybe work on my tan, go watch the surfing, cast a line into the salt. There may even be some of the finer gender in bikinis basking in the wind shadow of the berm. I'd better head out!
    I mean, if I'm gonna get skunked anyway....why not be warm!
  16. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    It is good to read a usless report that isn't mine. I was headed out today also. The sun is shining brightly here and has for about a week now. And the temps are in the low 40's. But the wind continues to blow and coming off the Continental Divide snow fields it is down right cold. So cold even when the sun shines the ice don't melt.

    So it is safe to say I came home.

    I didn't get skunked because I didn't fish.
  17. _WW_

    _WW_ Fishes with Wolves

    Old Man, that has to be your most useless fishing report yet!
  18. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    OMJ, you still got skunked. You just did not have to get all geared up and out in the cold to get skunked. I got all geared up, launched the toon, kicked and rowed, froze my b@!!$ off and worked hard all day to get skunked. I wanted to try again yesterday but the wife had other plans for me around the house and yard. She said if I'm not catching any fish then I might as well be of use to her.
  19. Mark Yoshida

    Mark Yoshida Active Member

    Its a b!t(h to have leaking waders. The fix didnt work, so I will have to go buy new waders, but no money yet. Maybe couple more outings with wet feet. Maybe plastic bag inside with work. Will search site for suggestions. Not sure what way to go. I want to stay warm but during the summer cool. Went to Lone yesterday and released 3 near the end of the day and missed a couple. Nice sunny day, but still cold. I want to come back up to that lake and try again.
  20. Jim Speaker

    Jim Speaker Active Member

    Ouch! :beathead: