Almost Useless Fishing Report

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Ed Call, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. I'm Married but the wife never has me doing anything anymore. She always says "you still here".

  2. OMJ, when mine starts saying "you still here" I'm betting she is ready for me not being around to answer. Your's may mean something different. Mine is good to me though, puts up with way too much of my crap.
  3. :DWho you tryin' to kid Mumbles? She standin' over yer shoulder?
  4. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  5. Usually when you have over 30 years with the same woman, things can get pretty relaxed. I can almost do what I want. Just as long as I don't stray. And being that I'm retired. All my time is my time. It's a sweet deal.

  6. Can't argue...she lets you wear that hat.
  7. She bought it for me. The story behind it is that I use the handle on many other web sites. and it seemed that I was always being called that so she went out and got the hat. Lots of people like the hat. I got another one for Christmas, but it's not as nice as my orange one so I don't wear it.. The new ones crown is to high. and I look like a dork in it.

  8. OMJ, we've recently seen your shaved globe. The new hat does not make you look like a dork...but something probably does. Have you fished that hole lately? I'm waiting for a real fishing report to read.
  9. I'm afraid that you must of picked up some shark repellant on your waders some where along the way. It repells all fish from biting on your flies. I had the curse when I lived in Washington. Washing your waders doesn't help.. So I opted to fishing without waders. If your in a toon switch to a boat. Just stay out of them waders. Or get a new pair. Sometimes that helps, but not all the time.


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